[1] of the year recommended Yangshuo backyard wall



always dreamed of having a courtyard, see spring, summer fruit products, enjoy the autumn leaves, read Snow, full of colors and unrestrained heart seasons. To be here alone with my heart, to put aside the bustling and petty emotions of the past, and return to the true spirit of my true self.

I came to the backyard, I think I met. Here, also encountered a unique Yangshuo. The backyard is the Sam Guangzhou and Sichuan sister carefully take care of the shop, you can understand that the art of the rich cell hotel. But this is obviously the temperature will be full of effort invested to deny, there are enough experience to the country by the feeling of home. At least, I took my family to stay in the moment to feel deeply. When later wake up each morning, clouds reflected in the mountains between light and shadow, I know this is my backyard, meet the need of my heart.

This is a

for the journey to the whole family, old and young four keywords, , is the Raiders, in 3, the 4 day weekend or preferred. If you feel fit, please continue to appear.

our first night in the Campbell River shop, second nights to the Lijiang River in the backyard. Fresh and elegant design from every corner of the

Yangshuo has not only the temperament of the landscape, more people have been given the soul of residence.

said Yangshuo landscape, but this time let me the most unexpected is the hotel, the temperament of the landscape refining to every detail.

can not help but find the beauty of the landscape of Yangshuo, only to live quietly, in order to appreciate the essence of it, that is. Caravanserai Hotel is also one of the most direct experience, around it, a stream of a brick, every tree and Bush River, let us appreciate the poetic life in the country.

would also like to thank all the way Du sister and Sam led, so that the ordinary journey is not dull. Du sister she is a refreshing and hot chuanmeizi, Sam is more like a gentle person, quietly in will each decorated with great taste. It’s the kind of thing I want to move back home.

because with the baby, Du sister each meal are specially prepared for her easy to digest the noodles. There are not afraid of hard work has been helping me with the baby, let me have more effort to capture the hearts of feeling.

is a super quiet Inn this hot partner, just let this trip is more like friends, the arena of friendship, much home soft. Also have the next travel share.

the first night to open the room, the traditional and modern blend of design sense of face, a journey of fatigue. ;