The British man choked with a bite to eat a hamburger 海思k3v2

British man want to show a mouthful of Hamburg choked to death (Figure) British man Darren Bray recently, British men together eat hamburgers choked to death case into the final stage of the court ruled that the cause of death, the case sentenced for accidental death. Incident hero is a 29 year old Darren Bray, he is from the south of Welsh, is the father of 3 children. According to the time of the presence of friends described, Bray died before the last sentence is "look at me", did not expect the demonstration is not successful, but lost the life. The Bray Sam Bisgrove home to friends in October 2015, they drink a lot of wine, after Sam to go out to buy things, Bray let him back to a McDonald’s hamburger with cheese. Get a cheeseburger with Bray friends joked that he can swallow the hamburger, he will be a whole hamburger folded into half of the volume, to all his mouth. He was put into the mouth before calling friends come to see, then he will be a whole hamburger hard into his mouth. Soon, Bray began to cough, cough more and more terrible, friends know that he is choking, Sam has been on his back, trying to help him straighten out the breath, but the situation does not seem to have any improvement. After a while, the paramedics arrived, they performed Bray cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Bray heart still never beat up on the spot, the doctors announced the death of Bray. After forensic examination of Bray’s body, the trachea was found Bray food stuck, and he is unable to use tracheal breathing and loss of life, said this situation by forensic trachea is likely to cause death. In addition, the inspectors found that Bray in choked to death before drink a lot of wine, alcohol intake is 1.5 times higher than the limit value of drunk driving, some people suspect that this may be the real cause of Bray frenzy. And the doctor said that the drink is not enough to let him lose his mind and he still has the ability to judge. Recently, the court has conducted a trial of this case, the conclusion that Bray’s death was caused by accidents, expressed regret that the court of Bray’s death, and I wish to express my sincere condolences. (China youth network compile reports) editor: Chen Yan SN225

英国男子欲表演一口吞下汉堡被噎死(图) 英国男子Darren Bray   近日,英国一起男子吃汉堡噎死的案件进入了最终的死因裁定阶段,法庭将该起案件判为意外死亡。事件主人公是29岁的Darren Bray,他来自威尔士南部,是3个孩子的父亲。据当时在场的朋友描述,Bray死前的最后一句话是“快看我”,没想到演示没有成功,命却丢掉了。   死者Bray在2015年10月前往朋友Sam Bisgrove家中聚会,他们喝了很多酒,之后Sam要出门买东西,Bray让他带回一个麦当劳的芝士汉堡。拿到芝士汉堡的Bray跟朋友开玩笑说自己能一口吞下这个汉堡,之后他将一整个汉堡折成一半的体积,打算全部塞嘴里。他在放进嘴里前还呼喊朋友们过来看,之后他就将整个汉堡硬塞进了嘴里。   很快,Bray就开始咳嗽,咳嗽声越来越可怕,朋友们知道他一定是噎住了,Sam一直在拍击他的背部,试图帮他理顺气息,可是情况似乎并没有丝毫改善。过了一会,医护人员赶到了,他们为Bray进行了心肺复苏,可Bray的心脏依旧再也没跳动起来,医生们当场宣布了Bray的死亡。   之后法医检查了Bray的尸体,发现Bray的气管被食物卡住了,而他正是因为无法用气管呼吸而失去生命,法医表示这种堵住气管的状况很容易引发死亡。另外,检查人员发现Bray在噎死前曾喝了很多酒,摄入酒量是限定酒驾值的1.5倍,有人怀疑这可能是导致Bray疯狂举动的真正原因。而医生表示这样的酒量还不足以让他丧失理智,他自己还是有判断能力的。   近日,法庭已经对此案件进行了审判,结论就是Bray的死亡是由意外造成的,法庭对Bray的死亡表示遗憾,并致以真挚的哀悼。(中国青年网编译报道) 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: