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She said the Tibetan girl Youan Hospital meal can be really fragrant – health Sohu from Tibetan areas bull would have surgery, how to make a girl from remote areas, weak communication obstacles, do the full preparation before the operation, with the medical staff to complete the surgery, this problem has become the primary task to to solve the medical personnel department. But because of poverty, coupled with the daily diet is different from the mainland, but the body of severe malnutrition, can not afford the surgery, it will seriously affect the postoperative recovery. How to meet the needs of operations as soon as possible so that the bull body, this problem in a bull at the time of admission, the nurse sisters began to consider. In addition to carefully told the diet of nutrition food, daily meals help to choose her Aniu taste of food, the nurse sisters also brought food for her. We all hope that the bull can raise fat before surgery, weight can increase. Due to the anoxic condition in Qinghai Tibet Plateau in oxygen saturation index of the bull in the early days of hospitalization remained at around 95%, in this case, is not conducive to the implementation of the operation for the bull. The competent physician responsibility nurse, the daily monitoring of the oxygen volume. With prolonged hospitalization, in intensive care nurses, Aniu gradually adapt to the plain climate, oxygen index has gradually reached 100%. People in mental illness, there will be fear and anxiety, hope to be able to recover as soon as possible, but once the disease development to solve with surgery, all patients appeared nervous fear, not to mention it in the little girl’s body volume. Because the bull has been diagnosed with liver hydatid disease, must be treated by surgical operation, as the date approached she also appeared anxious mood. The nurse sister in order to alleviate the tension of the bull, the initiative to find Aniu chat, tell her the patient must be solved through the operation ability, and after surgery can be cured, must be strong, to cooperate with the doctor to do surgery. The treatment time of day, the responsibility of nurses she could understand the words, let her continue to comfort the bull, with treatment. Gradually, the little girl understand, understand, the face gradually revealed a strong optimistic smile. One of the staff with love, benevolence and responsibility to hold the bull fight hope, sincerely wish the little girl to finish the surgery soon.相关的主题文章: