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Media comment 5 underrated team: Rockets strength nets horse like a rocket is expected to call sina sports news Beijing on October 10th news, according to U.S. media reports, the new NBA season jiqiangkaida, each team has also been released roughly divided. However, some teams may be underestimated, the United States media lists five undervalued team, fans agree? The Houston Rockets last season, Dwight – Howard in the health situation, the rockets from a western finals team into a 41 win, the team was to go into the playoffs, then, Howard. Many people think that the new season rockets may encounter a more severe situation. But this is not necessarily the case, the Rockets may be greatly improved. The reason lies in the increase of rocket three good players – Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson and nene. First of all, Howard has been down the road is not that big, if you can maintain a healthy inside, then he may not be worse than Howard. Secondly, to give up Terrence – Jones, the Rockets can play better, the real contribution of the value of the NBA last season, second of the countdown, any person to replace the, will be better than him. Anderson and Gordon can greatly improve the vitality of the Rockets, the Rockets have the best Raiders in the league, but in the past the striker is too bad, and now they can finally pay equal attention to quality. The king of the king of Sacramento has 10 consecutive seasons have entered the playoffs. They changed 8 coaches, only Mike – Malone close to success. ESPN predicts that the new season is only 30 wins, which is a bit too pessimistic. The king has a chance to win the 40+ game – as long as he can play well. Rondo has left, but he can’t shoot his data, flashy without substance, the defense is not very good now. The kings may not be able to get rid of mediocrity in the new season, but they are looking for the right direction. The Denver nuggets ESPN predicted the nuggets can obtain 33 victories, than last season to win a game, but I am more optimistic. The reason for optimism is that the Nuggets are nearing completion. Nuggets young people grow very fast, last season they gave 21 years (including the following) players over the performance time of 6000 minutes. Niujiqi, Joki, Gary – Harris and others have Mudi AI, rapid growth, as long as the Nuggets coach Mike – Malone steer, Denver playoffs is not a problem. Utah Jazz West, Jinzhou warriors is undoubtedly the number one popular, spurs ranked second is not a problem. But who is third? The Jazz have a chance. Sir Hayward Rudi, the squad is very solid, – goebert, Phevos, these people’s strength is very strong, and are under the age of 26, plus George Hill, reinforcing the short board 1. In the thunder and the Clippers are down, Sir Alex is expected to surprise. Broolyn is the League last season, the nets nets second worst team, but because of the bad operation of former general manager Billy king, they have a lotto pick. But this season, the nets should go a little bit. Because of Jeremy Lin’s substitution相关的主题文章: