Too much heart! Wife drove her husband to see the beautiful woman hit the pier utc行家

Too much heart! Wife driving in her husband to see the beauty of the pier hit the public concerned about the number of sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: central network mapping Meng Fan (a pseudonym) driving distracted look beautiful crash in late October 10th 7, Yubei Traffic and patrol police detachment to Wyatt police brigade received the alarm, said Jia Yue bridge on a car collided with the bus. The police rushed to the scene found a bus left rear body slightly depressed, body fragments scattered over the ground. In front of the bus parked a black Honda sedan, the front severely damaged, severe deformation of the body. While the police are ready to ask both drivers, from a young woman shouted: "look at this, look at ease, a car accident, I want to divorce you!" It turned out that the young woman is the car driver Meng Fan (a pseudonym) wife, Xiao Wen (a pseudonym). 6 pm the same day, Meng fan picked her home together after work, when he walked to the Jiayue bridge, found on the right side of the road car driver is very beautiful, is looking for a wife from time to time, let him drive to remind. At this time, running in front of the off-road vehicle brakes suddenly, Xiao Wen shouted panic, scared Meng fan suddenly rush hit the left direction from off-road vehicles, but a direct hit on the bridge in the middle of the isolation pier, then bounce back into the normal running of the bus. The police investigation found, Meng fan of distracted driving accidents, should bear full responsibility for the accident. Car repair costs nearly 10 thousand yuan, the bus car costs 2000 yuan, will be borne by him. At the same time, there are other violations of driving safety when driving Meng Meng violations, the police sentenced him to score and fines. Editor: Liu Debin SN222 more exciting content, please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: