How to promote the development of small toilet industry 步步高i606

How to promote small toilet trillion industry development "by the toilet window, actually be able to view and see the sea; emptying the body, also the feelings of pleasure." Recently, the Beijing tourist attractions in Laoshan Mountain after Mr. Zhang sigh. Before the toilet dirty and messy, now the toilet "spots", but also shopping and leisure tourists, using Mr. Zhang’s toilet is here just completed investment in the construction of ecological toilet. Mr. Zhang’s experience, it is one of the achievements of the construction of the toilet revolution in china. In early 2015, the national tourism administration put forward the "tourism to develop, the toilet to revolution"; in July, when the state of Yanbian inspection pointed out that the new rural construction to a toilet revolution, the country set off a revolution in toilet construction climax. As of August this year, the country has completed a total of 29512 newly renovated tourist toilets, the provinces in the toilet revolution as a representative of the tourism public service supply side reform has also been a breakthrough. Everbright home, Jiangsu Huahong new energy, Beijing landwasher and other enterprises to the toilet revolution, rapid investment, promote the development of tourism industry. Small toilet to promote the development of tourism industry trillion. Small toilet from the "Golden Phoenix" enterprise investment speed "we have signed an agreement with Hebei, plans to invest not less than 10 billion yuan, mainly for tourism toilets, tourism infrastructure and public service facilities, such as the construction of global tourism development." Yan Jianguo, general manager of China Everbright Real Estate Co., Ltd. in Hebei province tourism investment conference. Previously, Everbright real estate investment has started in Sichuan tourism, the amount of not less than 10 billion, which is used in toilet construction funds of not less than 3 billion. Yan Jianguo introduction, in August last year, the State Council issued a number of opinions on further promoting tourism investment and consumption, and vigorously promote the construction of tourism toilets. Everbright home immediately launched the big central enterprises, small toilet strategy, and pilot in Laoshan Mountain. reporter survey found, Laoshan ecological toilet is within a complex post, catering, retail, entertainment, parent-child remote diagnosis and treatment, although the toilet inside the full sense of science and technology, but not luxurious, construction focus on practicality, and achieved the peak of the male and female side from the toilet by switching function. Laoshan Scenic Area Management Bureau official said, through the PPP mode, the introduction of social capital and technology, participate in tourism infrastructure investment and operation, completely changed the past by the government arranged public infrastructure investment, construction, management and other traditional practices, greatly saves the manpower and material resources, reduce administrative cost, improve the tourism public service quality. Small toilet attracted the Golden Phoenix, to create a public service platform, to build business toilets, to raise the toilet, to manage the business, but also the gradual formation of a new model. Toilet is the first big market sanitation, followed by tourism, but the toilet revolution raised a strong increase in our production and sales, the proportion increased by 30% – 50%." Beijing landwasher science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a production of environmental protection science and technology private toilet, general manager Wu Hao said that the small toilet market pry force is very strong, scenic ten billion toilet market driven city construction, road traffic, new rural areas toilet qianyiji industry, but also promote the development of the tourism industry scale. "Toilet renovation,.相关的主题文章: