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"Happy season" story burst Ke Lan a gentle side and entertainment – Sohu "happy season" stills "happy season" Ke Lan plays Zhu Xiangxiang Sohu entertainment directed by Shen Haofang, Ke Lan, Tu Songyan, Faye Yu starred in the modern emotional drama "happy season" officially hit Shaanxi TV, playing only a week getting better the story of ups and downs, burst suction essence, and Ke Lan plays Zhu Xiangxiang is a split personality, a gentle side bold interpretation of the role of the best wife. To seize the husband with unreasonable demands in the play, Ke Lan and Faye Yu ", Tu Songyan has a complex relationship, played by Ke Lan Tu Songyan and his ex-wife Zhu Xiangxiang doughty, and Faye Yu is fairy Qin doctor, Ke Lan and her ex husband reconciled so mischievous pretty wrapped, trying to show a middle-aged female hysteria. From the wisdom that her ex husband won the tender love, take care of her husband and children at home, but also a variety of savage and absurd. The son of Ke Lan Shiqi season even micro-blog questioned: "if the parents after divorce illegal cohabitation, need not to need to receive legal sanctions, that in the absence of Zhu Xiangxiang with the incumbent husband divorce case has admitted to the husband’s home, the burst of the story the audience shouted to Ke Lan, and his subversion the image also let the audience surprised. Ke Lan interpretation of the strength knife mouth tofu heart full of different maternal tenderness in a relationship with the Ke Lan’s Zhu Xiangxiang with unreasonable demands, in the treatment of their children is to show the strength of maternal tenderness, a modern interpretation of women for responsibility and caring family. The play is focusing on the education of the school district room ", in order to solve their current husband Zhu Xiangxiang and the daughter of Jiao Jiao’s school problems, had to return to her family, and lost the right to visit her daughter. Treat his son Shiqi season no matter he is rebellious, puppy love problems, or ill intimate care, Zhu Xiangxiang with a mother’s gentle affect son, to obtain the transformation of mother child relationship. From the flower to his ex-wife gentle mother, Ke Lan in the drama "happy season" in acting burst switch, perfect reproduction of the modern middle-aged women play with sorrow.相关的主题文章: