13 year old girl arm into the pencil core of the 16 to stay awake to do homework (video) 乃々果花

13 year old girl into the arms of 16 pencil: Homework arm 13 year old girl into the 16 pencil core is awake to keep awake and do homework snow arms out 16 pencil core reporter Liu Dan the day before, the 13 year old junior high school girl snow (a pseudonym) because of arm swelling and inflammation, go to the hospital. Yesterday, doctors removed 16 pencil from her arms, and the core is actually the snow of their tie. Into the arms are automatic pencil core, the 4 cm long in the morning, the reporters came to the three 00 foot surgery hospital Guihang, snow left arm wrapped in gauze, had fallen asleep. Her physician, surgeon and tranquility to reporters the pencil core is removed from the snow in the arms, are of different lengths, automatic pencil, reporters measure, the longest is 4 cm. How to refill into meat? When the doctor asked, the snow child in a family emerge in its totality, enclosed junior middle school study, because learning pressure, do homework every day to one or two in the morning, she passed to his arm bar refills to stay awake. Seven days ago, the snow will use automatic pencil poke three holes left abruptly, tied into three long pencil. After the family was found in the evening, first sent to the hospital in Jinyang, the doctor will be superficial wound dressing, go to your flight three emergency department of the 00 hospital, the doctor found the wound swelling, bleeding, decisive for 3 days infusion anti-inflammatory. "These two days, the child moves the hand to be painful, we decided to take out the foreign body." Tranquility. It took 1 hours for the doctor to take out the 16 pencil cores, 8:30, and the operation began. Peace Road 4 incision two cm and 7 cm wound in the snow on the left arm, with the naked eye operation. Some core has been broken into several cut, doctors can only use tweezers to rummage in the flesh, a clip, 1 hours later, doctors removed a total of 16 pencil core. Ning told reporters, because the pencil is very fine, if not taken, will be wrapped in muscles, but will not cause too much damage to the human body, but the pain, but also had a psychological shadow, to remove it, it is a comfort. After the snow, rest for a period of time can be discharged. As a doctor, peaceful work has basically ended, but as a man, he has some truth to the snow said: "the ancient" pinching "tells us to study hard and is worth promoting, but in modern life, this self mutilation way and not much help in learning since it is important to find the most suitable way of learning." At the same time, he suggested that the snow family and teachers should guide correctly, let the children know how to release the pressure. Psychiatrist: small children don’t know how to express the mood in recent years, many students came to throat, falls, cut 28 knives and other news, it is because of the great pressure of study. In the opinion of the deputy director of the provincial medical psychosomatic wards Bi Bin, expression and self mutilation of the children, not necessarily caused by depression. "They are young and don’t know how to express their emotions, so they choose to use a very intense way in the eyes of adults to vent." Bi Bin had a 13 year old boy.相关的主题文章: