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919 fans carnival night hand Jiangsu TV star     cited reverie; – people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn Olympic Games just ended, Chinese thousands of spectators where to go? According to some media broke the news, Danger ahead! Warning: "919 fans Carnival" has been on the road — this year, September 19th at 21:19 in the evening, LETV will be in Beijing Star Park, in the Jiangsu satellite TV, held up to 3 hours of "holiday + party live + big promotion, red Star + rain + shake" activities, to 1 billion 300 million people in prehistoric tipping force. Are you ready? What are the stars? Star reverie…… The party concerned about yen value Pro always for the entertainment of a small heart broken hoop. Cola as the ecological Spring Festival lineup and why do you have to worry about? Although the organizers have confidential evening star list, guess that Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper LETV, self-made star boss Jia team, class president buddies which can not join. Network drama "old nine door", the movie "Tomb notes" the fire? Then the "Changsha nine door" upstart ", seizing the summer box office champion" the throne of the "Tomb notes" starring Jing Bairan, will also kill Ben Luhan here? As well as the self-made star team, such as "Princess of promotion" starring Zhang Tianai, Sheng Yilun, in the dim, and super network drama "super junior code" in the music video on a single broadcast starring only three…… Reference LETV past activities star, such as the "413 ecological shared night", LETV invited Li Yuchun, He Jiong, Coco Lee, Huang Zhilie, Lee Min Ho, Park Hae Jin, Zhang Yixing, Amber Kuo, Hua Chenyu and many other stars attended, momentum is not strong. So the 919 party lineup is so sensual. In particular, can not be ignored is that once sang Jia Yueting music as music as the annual meeting "in the wild" Hey let fans over the days, in the year 919 fans carnival night of the feast, if he could once again carry the "history of the strongest red rain" to sing words, think of that field is bang bang the…… All in all, this Chinese entertainment dream team list is LETV in his bosom? We will wait and see. Why hand Jiangsu satellite TV? Coming through the walls and the giants have a team of top star of giants, the strength of hand strength, "919 fans carnival night this evening will Beijing thermal explosion is an indisputable fact. Who can win this year ‘s big break of the sky, the music as a display platform for cooperation? If the idea of Jia Yueting personally on stage, capable of leveraging the ratings must challenge the speech, singing Wang Jianlin ma. To achieve this goal, the cooperation of the television station must have the strength to pick up the ball". The influence of ranks the top three Zhejiang satellite TV, Hunan TV, Jiangsu TV, the moment has become the three largest candidate list of fans in mind, slobber war in the network cause a shocking commotion. According to observation, LETV has been Hunan satellite TV, "I am a singer", "full" and other programs in accelerated sponsors, but also Jiangsu TV "masked singer", "The Brain" such as ACE IP advertising gold master).相关的主题文章: