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There are 3 cups of apple juice in the world, there are 1 cups from Shaanxi’s national export volume of the first world concentrated juice to see China, China’s concentrated fruit juice to see Shaanxi. Yesterday morning, there are 2016 annual conference of the Chinese fruit juice industry, said the opening ceremony in Shanghai. The fruit juice enterprises diversified development trend this conference by the Chinese import and Export Chamber of Commerce, jointly organized by the industry Management Bureau of Shaanxi Province, on the three day of the session, will be held in the "China juice and beverage consumer market development trend of" global "concentrated Apple Juice analysis and prediction of multi field symposium. From the European Union, the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries and regions of the juice production suppliers, traders, retailers, experts and scholars as well as more than and 300 people around the world, the fruit juice industry situation and other issues, planning ideas for the future development of fruit industry. China’s apple juice concentrate production capacity has accounted for 60% of the world’s total, China’s exports of agricultural products in the dominant industries. In yesterday’s opening ceremony, Shaanxi Hengtong juice group Limited by Share Ltd general manager Song Xiaoqiang, Huiyuan Juice Group Research Director Li Shaozhen, China Agricultural University professor Liao Xiaojun Institute of food and other guests admitted that in the current world economic environment, China concentrated Apple Juice is facing double pressure of two aspects of international and domestic, a lot of fruit juice enterprises have begun to actively transition, showing a diversified development trend, the industrial chain extending upstream to extend the planting industry, downstream to diversified products, the development of deep processing. The guests, and a few years ago yield rapid growth year after year in stark contrast, this year the yield Chinese concentrated Apple Juice is expected to have a small increase, but not much growth remained at around 500 thousand tons, Shaanxi, Shandong is still the main producing areas. Shaanxi apple juice concentrate exports remain first in the country in the past 2015, Shaanxi concentrated Apple Juice production capacity of 293 thousand tons, accounting for 57.11% of the yield of apple juice concentrate. Export volume of 187 thousand and 900 tons, accounting for the national export volume of 39.98%. Apple juice concentrate processing capacity, annual production and export volume is still ranked first in the country. "The world every 7 apples have 1 from Shaanxi, every 3 kiwi, there are 1 Shaanxi; every 3 cups of apple juice, a cup 1 is Shaanxi, Shaanxi fruit industry cluster has formed a large-scale production, plays a very important role." Led a delegation to Shanghai to attend the meeting of deputy director of Industry Management Bureau of Shaanxi province Zhang Xingrui introduction, Shaanxi has carried out technical cooperation with the Cornell University, early blooming, high yield and high efficiency cultivation in the south of the North Weihe dwarf below 900 meters above sea level for the global implementation of regional, dwarfing Apple planting, provide the experience of Shaanxi". Zhang Xingrui said, "in May 1, 2014, the Shaanxi provincial fruit industry regulations" formally implemented, this is the local laws and regulations of China’s first fruit industry, green industry, healthy fruit escort. With the approval of Shaanxi Province, one of the third batch of free trade areas, will give the juice industry to inject new vitality, bringing new business opportunities. Shanghai independent newspaper reporter Song Yu (Shaanxi newspaper) Note: the video is only extended reading. Drink apple juice to be able to discharge gall stone?相关的主题文章: