Tianjin a signal by black hand villain lamp surface instantly amputation dnf商人吧

Tianjin a signal by "black hand" villain lamp surface moment was "amputation" members of the public to reflect that the establishment in Hedong District Wang Chuanchang 1st Road and Jinggangshan intersection side crossing lights by "black hand", by the signal lamp external damage plane of the little red "was amputated, affect people’s normal travel. 27 days 8:30, the reporter saw Wang Chuanchang 1st Road and the junction of Jinggangshan northeast corner, the left side of the column type: crossing signal lamp of iron black shade by external forces rip, signal lamp screen glass is broken, the internal LED display board is pulled fracture. When the red light signal lights, street lights stand damaged lamps on the surface of the little red shows only half of the body and the right leg. The pedestrian crossing will be all too easy for the lamp cannot distinguish red light straight crossing the road, the existence of accidents. In Ruiguang No. 6 in the residents of Ms. Lee said: because the intersection of the sidewalk is wide, so often the van onto the sidewalk overnight, "this morning, I heard downstairs with a sound, a car is ready to sail on the sidewalk of the van hung on the right side of the body surface of the crossing signal lamp. Then, the driver did not stop the alarm, but down the sidewalk car left the scene." The reporter will be reflected to the problem of the traffic control department, said the staff will contact you as soon as the Traffic Management Bureau and the office facilities damaged transportation facilities for replacement. () ()相关的主题文章: