Hide and seek new poster Wallace Huo Hailu Qin Qian Wan – doomed entertainment Sohu carmex润唇膏

"Hide and seek" new poster Wallace Huo Hailu Qin Qian Wan – doomed Sohu "played hide and seek" entertainment "symbol Edition Poster" hide and seek "witness" version of "poster Sohu entertainment directed by Liu Jie, Wallace Huo, Hailu Qin and Qian Wan starring, especially in spring and summer, Dong Jian friendship appeared in the movie" hide and seek "in November 4th will be released nationwide. Today, the film side announced the "symbol", "witness" version of the poster, further open the serial murder of the riddle. Wallace Huo, Hailu Qin and WAN Qian three stars with the screen appears, the whole God alert, nervous expression. At the same time, as the key clues to the mysterious symbols also appear again, the three stars in the loop, like in the declaration of the dangers, no escape. Mysterious symbols represent Wallace Huo hunted by sinister has exposed posters and trailer in the "hide and seek" before in a group of mysterious symbols composed of round, square, triangle and digital, the actor who plays Wallace Huo is after the discovery of this group of symbols gradually fall into the abyss of danger. This group of key symbols become the core element of the "symbol" version of the poster, eye-catching red and rough texture of the blood like shocking. Wallace Huo, Hailu Qin and Qian Wan’s image is embedded danger symbols, as they fall upon the trap in the "hide and seek" in fate, everyone had to pay the price of blood. In the "witness" version of the poster, the three stars sharp eyes, facial expression feature is attention to show their struggle in danger on the other side. Wallace Huo as the "master of the house" to protect his wife and daughter and the murderer brave deal, in the poster he face the camera a fearless face. And Hailu Qin and Qian Qian as two mothers also show a brave side, so that the film to the more obvious. Adaptation of real social events to create suspense thriller classic movie "hide and seek" new three starring in the serial murder set from the real social events, the murder fuse — "rob the house" was derived from the housing problem in the city intensified. The neighborhood relationship is indifferent, the house price is high, the family life pressure and so on. "Hide and seek" focused on modern life predicament at the same time, also with the interlocking plot and suspicions to the story of the foot suspense thriller atmosphere. The movie "hide and seek" in theaters in November 4th.相关的主题文章: