The boy is suffering from sleeping sickness one day second sleep n (video) 海思k3v2

The boy is suffering from "sleeping sickness" one day "sleep" on a second N second still serious lectures, take notes, the next seconds suddenly fell on the desk sleeping in the past. Even the teacher asked him to answer the question, in answer to the question, only a few minutes, white morning will fall asleep again. 17 year old boy Jenshou Bai Chen (a pseudonym), because of "sleep terrible power", is called "the classmates laughed at morpheus". At school one day, Bai Chen also don’t know how many times to sleep. In addition to most of the day in bed, even when awake, white morning energy is not strong, often sudden emotional weak limbs. White morning he does not want to be "sleep", but always uncontrollable drowsiness. This kind of lethargy, has seriously affected his learning and life, therefore, has the high school he had to quit school to give up the college entrance examination, treatment. The mental health center of West Sichuan Dahua confirmed, the original white, the morning is suffering from a rare narcolepsy, the disease incidence rate is only 3/10000. Patients will fall asleep in time. At present, the specific cause of the disease, there is no definitive qualitative medical. Professor and director of sleep medicine center, West China Hospital of Sichuan tutor Tang Xiangdong, Bai Chen suffering from narcolepsy, multiple high grade primary school to junior high school children. The main clinical manifestations of the five: sleep during the period of invasion, emotional fluctuations caused by limb weakness, sleep paralysis, sleep paralysis, as well as hallucinations before sleep. At present, there is no exact definition of etiology, some scholars believe that keeping the human brain is clear, "orexin" neurons, is one of the reasons. Tang Xiangdong said that the disease is difficult to cure, many patients are sometimes good and bad stage. He suggested that the white morning more than a few times during the day to sleep, such as during the break as much as possible to sleep in order to keep a clear mind in class." At the same time, must have enough sleep at night. Bear children to sleep in the wonderful reason相关的主题文章: