Thousands of heroes, a large scene of heat reproduction heroic moment 乃々果花

"Thousand heroes" hot shot scene reappear heroic moments to create large texture situation into the classic movie plot Sina entertainment news last summer, the second quarter screen variety war has ended, in the third quarter variety war in the war, the David regarded moquancazhang for raising their own killer. In many new programs will debut in Jiangsu TV [micro-blog] debut story immersive reality show "Heroes" thousand faces unexpected blaze. The filming of the shooting method, a new program concept, so that thousands of heroes once appeared to attract the attention of the outside world. In particular, triggering concern is the "hero" into China thousand classic movie plot, carefully crafted a series of large texture "situation", let 6 young people go through trials in which Chinese reproduce the classic movie hero moment. A lot of fans looking forward to the first to fly, have to look forward to: "the variety is a movie experience for other impressions." The new variety will debut the audience watching the show will be like watching movies at first story immersive reality show "thousand heroes" since September 18th will be at Jiangsu TV and the audience, the precedent of the original open variety show, will record a challenge facing the participants in different situations, and in the process found himself more "" the possibility of the hero story form. But the program group will be a bold attempt, careful design and participants plot completely true open response blends, 48 hours off, not the whole NG shooting style, will also experience a perception of the audience to open up a fresh outlook. Thousands of heroes, the first group of the concept of the program, the story immersive, once launched will cause heated debate outside. It is reported that the story immersive that carefully build a story situation, so that participants immersed in it, do not know what will happen next second. In the face of various trials and challenges, and their response to fully liberalized, but the audience will like watching a movie together with the participants involved. In order to record the participant’s reaction, "thousand heroes" crew equipped with 12 cameras 48 hours off, not the whole NG, mind participants reflect in different conditions. It is worth mentioning that the whole crew is in full accordance with the film crew to build a team of more than and 300 people with valuable experience China well-known mainstream movie shooting, shooting and producing programs completely done in accordance with standards, so high precision techniques for the industry has not praise. Eleven movie scene condensation hero instant users have not calm seeking to participate in the "thousands of heroes" set in the context of the classic Chinese film drama. Participants will experience different challenges in different situation, in the face of different trials, whether they dare to break through the self boundary, bold step, complete their hero’s journey? Become a big attraction. And when you can listen to immersive feel large situation, users have to sit still, the participants can also collect some of it?" Can you sign up for the program, please?" It is understood that thousands of heroes will have 6 participants in the whole journey of the hero, there are different in each focus相关的主题文章: