Yogurt with this food 100% get cancer Expert rumor twoo是什么网站

Yogurt with this food 100% get cancer? The expert rumor yogurt is rich in nutrition and a large number of lactic acid bacteria, inhibit harmful bacteria with intrusion and prevent constipation, health and promote digestion and absorption, and can reach the purpose of effective prevention of cancer, is very common in people’s daily diet. But not to drink more, drink yogurt should also pay attention to some methods, such as yogurt if heated for drinking, it will destroy the live bacteria in yogurt, yogurt and health effects of total loss, if served with Ham will lead to the occurrence of cancer. What "yogurt and ham with cancer"?! Fan Zhihong, associate professor of nutrition and food safety department of China Agricultural University Institute of food in its blog rumor that "eat yogurt ham carcinogenic said" was not from the perspective of nutrition. Fan Zhihong rumor "yogurt and ham collocation carcinogenic" about the online rumors, the most popular version is to save Bacon, sausage, ham, bacon and other processed meat products, food manufacturers add nitrates to prevent food spoilage and growth of Clostridium botulinum. The ham and pickled products containing nitrates, in lactic acid bacteria can be reduced to nitrite in saliva thiocyanate catalyzed by carcinogens (NDMA), may cause gastrointestinal, liver cancer and other digestive organs. Therefore, eat foods containing nitrates before and after an hour should not drink lactic acid drinks. Fan Zhihong, associate professor of nutrition and food safety department of China Agricultural University Food Institute said, this information has serious scientific errors: Ham nitrite in lactic acid bacteria reduction experts generated: marinated meat itself without nitrite, lactic acid bacteria ". First of all, ham and pickled products are usually added to the production of sodium nitrite, even if the addition of sodium nitrate, but also the natural degradation of sodium nitrite to play a role. Most of the sodium nitrite decomposition to produce nitric oxide, it is very easy to pigment and meat, is also the heme firm combination, so the red into "nitric oxide heme heme". Nitrogen oxide heme can ensure that meat does not change color under heating conditions. Therefore, the production of ham, sausage and other meat pickled products, do not need to help the formation of lactic acid bacteria nitrite. The ability of lactic acid bacteria to reduce nitrate in ham: the impossible task of reducing nitrate – lactic acid bacteria. Fan Zhihong pointed out that lactic acid bacteria do not nitrate reductase, it can not be converted to nitrite nitrate. "So it’s impossible for lactic acid bacteria to get the lactic acid bacteria into the meat to help turn the nitrate into nitrite. Ten thousand steps back, assuming that lactic acid bacteria can really treat nitrate into nitrite, enters the stomach, will be immediately killed by stomach acid. When the meal is the peak of gastric acid secretion, gastric pH value of less than 3, much higher than the acidity of yogurt, lactic acid bacteria can not live in large numbers. Yogurt in the amine and nitrite will be combined into carcinogenic nitrosamines experts say: yogurt amine content is very low, synthetic nitrosamines can not help. Online there is a saying, "yogurt contains amine containing nitrite in meat, the two will be combined into carcinogenic nitrosamines in the stomach". Fan Zhihong said, in fact, yogurt protein content of 3%相关的主题文章: