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Double week: Optics Valley specialty Qing Tong Hui 6 projects qualify for the double hero Yue Longmen Tencent Chu network news (correspondent Li Yuqi) the afternoon of October 12, 2016, sponsored by the Wuhan Municipal Development and reform committee, the CMC, East Lake new technology development zone of Wuhan city science and Technology Bureau of the Optics Valley professional double hero – Qing Tong Hui Yue Longmen "held in Optics Valley entrepreneurial coffee capital building shop. This "Optics Valley professional Qing Tong Hui" aims to build industry leading enterprises and excellent start-up projects, team resources docking platform to promote the development of the industrial chain, so that enterprises, capital, resources, talents and market efficient docking; let grassroots entrepreneurs, become double hero, realize the dream in the bigger platform. The promotion of the 6 projects are: teacher network, learning YO physical and chemical diagnostic teaching system, composition worry free, listen to enlightenment, show treasure box, football training real-time monitoring and intelligent feedback system. Among them, the children’s elementary education platform "enlightenment through the combination of" listen to "software + anchor + content" of the establishment of children enlightenment ecosystem won the final victory. At present, the product coverage of children in early childhood, application content, anchor mother hatch, intelligent toys and children’s robot etc.. It is reported that the "Optics Valley professional – Qing Tong Hui Yue Longmen double hero" is the first with the industry leading enterprises, outstanding entrepreneurial projects and teams, well-known business platform and TV media, together to create a comprehensive, real venture capital activities; for one year, respectively in online education, advanced manufacturing, health, consumption upgrade other key industries for cooperation, upgrading and talent to solve enterprise project requirements, through strict selection of enterprises and well-known venture capital institutions, will be truly excellent project into activities, on display, to set goals for two months, from the perspective of capital market and investment so as to make the most outstanding project talent shows itself. More entrepreneurial information, please pay attention to the big Chu venture WeChat, scan the two-dimensional code or search dachucy相关的主题文章: