Xuzhou 3 year old boy from the third floor has smashed two awnings (video) 女f4

Xuzhou 3 year old boy from the third floor has smashed two awning thriller! Xuzhou one or two year old boy fall from the third floor Xuzhou 3 year old boy from the third floor, has smashed two awning. Child safety issues, told the one thousand time is not over ten thousand times. One does not pay attention to, the child may have an accident. Xuzhou a pair of careless parents, my father at home to sleep, my mother went out to buy medicine. 3 year old boy alone in the living room to play, climbed out of the window from the sofa, from the 3 floor of the security network gap fell. Has smashed two awning, but fortunately no serious problem, really let people sweat. More than 4 live in the afternoon of November 5th, Wang Chang Village No. 20 on the third floor of Gulou District Mr. Zhou sleep in the bedroom, his wife go out to children to buy medicine, 3 year old son strong (a pseudonym) alone in the living room watching TV, climbed up from the sofa theft Online outside the window, fell down from the gap of anti-theft net. The child falls in the process, has hit the awning and air conditioner awning on the first floor, fortunately no serious problem. The boy fell from the third floor: witness smashed two awning reporters yesterday morning at the Wang Chang Village No. 20, Mr. Zhou lived on the third floor, anti-theft net under the living room window with a air conditioner, at about network security on both sides of the bottom there is a 30 cm long and 25 cm wide. The reporter saw the first floor residents home glass steel tile awning smashed crack a sunshade outside the air conditioning window on the first floor also smashed a corner. Live in a building room 105, Mr. Guo said, more than 4 points in November 5th afternoon, he heard a voice from the outside at home: "a child fell down from the third floor." Go out and see, two meters east of the east gate of his home, a little boy about the age of 3 sitting on the ground, the child’s feet are off the slippers, the child later climbed over the slippers took over, put on his feet. "At that time, my neighbors and I were shocked and called the police." Narrator: a man knows his son falls downstairs to see the reporter yesterday came to the cancer hospital emergency center ward, Ms. with her 3 year old son to sleep in bed, strong brow is scraped a piece of leather, Mr. Zhou also accompany dad in the ward. According to Ms. Du introduced six months ago, he bought the house in the 3 floor, Wang Village, building, a family of 3 living here. The afternoon of November 5th, the husband finished wedding home after sleeping in the bedroom. Son cough in recent days, more than 4 in the afternoon she let her son in the living room watching TV, and then go out to the pharmacy to buy cough medicine son. She came back after ten minutes, found a home downstairs surrounded by a crowd of people, the police also arrived at the scene, the son of a man sitting on the ground, listen to the people around said, she did not know his son falls. The incident in the afternoon, the child was sent to the hospital, after checking the body without fracture is frightened, forehead kepo a piece of leather. The doctor advised the child to stay in hospital for two or three days, you can go home. Note that if parents have children at home, be sure to install the fence; if there are children at home, do not put the window to climb things; if there are children at home, do not let the children alone at home; if there are children at home, don’t let the children leave parents sight. At present, there are three main types of home security network: iron bar anti-theft network, stainless steel anti-theft network, stealth prevention.相关的主题文章: