Ningbo young female tenant is under the shower door suddenly into a cell phone 追踪309

Ningbo young female tenant is taking a bath under the door suddenly into a mobile phone to bathe in half, suddenly found the door quietly drilled a mobile phone. The day before yesterday, who lives in Ningbo, Yinzhou public Temple Street, Ms. Lee encountered such a disgusting thing. The bath process was found to have photographed more than and 20 year old Lee temporary Zhonggongmiao street of a small group of renters, the house was divided into five or six small rooms, Ms. Lee lived in one room, the bathroom is shared by the tenants. More than 7 15 in the evening, Ms. Lee in the bathroom, wash half, inadvertently found feet like a foreign body, looking down, she was so scared: the bathroom door below the gap turned into a mobile phone. "I was in the bath, I saw a cell phone in the camera, I looked down and saw." Ms. Li subconsciously shouted loudly, and the phone owner seems to be frightened by her screams, took the phone slipped. Subsequently, Ms. Lee dressed out the door, this group of renters besides her a man, the other insisted that no candid behavior. In desperation, Ms. Lee will call for help. Male tenant said he rushed to the temple on the occasion of the police station duty police immediately rushed to the scene. This is about 100 square meters of the house was divided into several rooms, lived a few people, the environment is chaotic. Public toilet has only a simple wooden door, there is a rotten door below the gap, it is easy to put the phone on the outside to take pictures. Police on the spot to carry out a preliminary examination of the presence of the man’s phone, and did not find a suspicious video or photos, then the police brought the man back to the police station for further questioning. After questioning, the man finally admitted his candid behavior. He said that was originally intended to take a bath, to find someone inside the door, and then took the opportunity to take a cell phone along the door to take pictures of the gap, was found under the panic he quickly deleted the relevant photos and videos. At present, the matter is being further processed by the police, the man may face penalties for public security detention.相关的主题文章: