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Flight canceled scam frequent netizens against the journey "embarrassed way before travel tickets online booking hotel, has become a new way to travel, especially popular with young people, of course, it has also become a fat liar on the network, let visitors get in by every opening deceived by various methods, the travel agency, hotel data leakage, suffered heavy losses. How to prevent, to avoid the journey becomes embarrassed way? Prevent information leakage is fundamental during the summer, school season, eleven, the Spring Festival and other travel season, is a flight cancellation SMS fraud high incidence. Travel information leakage problem, often appear in the Check Inn Hotel. Zhang, a member of a hotel chain in Shanghai, members of the common points discount or upgrade rooms. By the end of 2014, he suddenly found points were cleared". Just know later, is a member of the hotel management system from unknown attacks, members of integral and stolen gold deposit. In August this year, the United States has 20 Hotel Group’s payment system by malicious software to a large number of customers, the payment card data may be stolen. In August 3rd, there is news that security researchers developed a cost of only $6 from the tools of network security company Rapid7, can directly read and copy the electronic key, open the hotel door, also can invade the POS machine. According to reports, aviation, hotel network security vulnerabilities and individual practitioners of illegal trafficking of user information, is the main source of passenger information leakage. The industry calls for consumers to strengthen education, to remind the prevention is on the one hand, on the other hand, the industry as a whole to work together to curb information leakage from the root. According to the reporter, at present, some well-known travel sites, enterprises have been certified by the data security standards, can effectively reduce the risk of data leakage occurs. Users should carefully read the relevant agreements on the site, carefully choose to upload their own information, in particular, including identity, address, portrait, bank cards, including sensitive information. Flight canceled scam frequent August 25th, sophomore girl Zhang ready to fly back to Nanjing University of Science and Technology, 1 a.m. but received a 0085 at the beginning of the message, the airline name Zhang told the flight has been cancelled due to mechanical failure, need to dial the phone change or refund refund, change after the success will receive 200 yuan compensation with the phone. Because the text indicate the name and the accurate flight information of their own, Zhang immediately call, follow the prompts to select the change after an artificial customer reception Zhang told her to go to the bank to get a change ticket, Xiao Zhang believed to bank into their bank cards, several times after the operation, the card 19 thousand yuan take wings to itself. Coincidentally, Chengdu, a white lady in September last year through a travel site is scheduled in October 1st and the 7 on the round-trip ticket to Beijing. In October 6th, in Beijing, she received a claim to be the airline ticket center of the message that the flight has been cancelled to change or refund, under the white lady then call the phone message left, the other accurately reported her information, she hints at each other for gospel truth, operation, finally cheated 11 thousand yuan. According to incomplete statistics, only last year in October, there are more than 80 users through micro-blog announced that they suffered flight cancellation SMS fraud experience, Bureau相关的主题文章: