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After the storm, Guo Degang first appeared: want to watch   you wait, entertainment channel, original title: after the storm, Guo Degang first appeared: "want to watch, between you wait some time ago, Cao Yunjin long and Guo Degang disclosure scores, make a screen full of wind and rain, but Guo Degang has not come to respond to the matter out. The day before yesterday, Guo Degang in the storm after the first appeared in Beijing, attended the new program "to" pit King debut conference. When asked about the dispute with Cao Yunjin, Guo Degang stressed that he simply did not care, and said: "if I don’t mind living today, a composition can change your outlook on life, then I will give you a story, not fly bite?" As for how to respond to this long article, Guo Degang said: "the rest two days does not mean two days after, two days after the finish does not mean we will not say, there is a good lively person, you wait for me after this period." As the first large files of experiential stand up comedy variety show, "King’s" pit by Guo Degang teamed up with Iqiyi to build a small theater, to show our real style teahouse in the form of 52 year period, a weekly update period. For the "pit" king of the title, since Guo Degang said he laughed often because of various reasons may not have been digging, follow-up when fill the pit, he dug a pit, the pit. All the way up to now. Later, I also want to, do not fill the pit it, do not fill a bit inappropriate". Recently, Cao Yunjin micro-blog published 7000 word text, count Guo Degang and enenyuanyuan, triggered concern. The day was asked about the matter, Guo Degang bluntly that he doesn’t feel like a lot of things, "I just came back from Macao yesterday afternoon, tomorrow go to Canada tour, to come back after a week, tired with Grandpa, you look like a big thing, I really don’t mind, gubuguolai." However, Guo Degang also said, now do not respond to the future does not mean not to say, "the biggest characteristic, I first want to do, obsessive-compulsive disorder, who can not stay; second, increasing age, a little naughty, sometimes want to play old enough to say, so you look busy wait so, I busy this time". It is worth mentioning that the day Guo Degang was late because of the traffic jam, worried that the media ask tough questions to ask, he responded with a smile: "you don’t understand me, my grandmother died at the age of 98, I especially admire my grandma, big things can not go to the heart, mind if I didn’t live today." (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: