Daqing next three days, the temperature rose slightly up to the maximum temperature of 30 degrees up 乃々果花

The future of Daqing three temperatures rebounded slightly on the 30 day the highest temperature can reach 20 DEG to the original title: the rise of temperature, air pollution diffusion conditions up to 20 degrees tomorrow the sun yesterday, revealing a rare smile, noon walk outside, the sun was comfortable. However, because the cold air in the closing phase, sooner or later, the cold is more obvious, it is recommended that we wear more clothes. The weather turns cool, it is time to the house than the cold outside, some people even feel hands and feet particularly cool, with less self blood circulation and exercise are related, recommend seasonal appropriate to eat tofu, letinous edodes, yam, mutton and other warm, increase the heat to the body at the same time. Take a day a lot of exercise to enhance physical fitness. Tomorrow, my city in sunny weather, the wind at the level of 3-4, the day after tomorrow to mainly cloudy weather, the northern counties may have scattered showers. According to the municipal meteorological observatory forecast, the next three days, the temperature of the city will have a slight rebound, the rebound in the range of 2 -3. Specifically, today’s maximum temperature of 17 degrees C, the minimum temperature of 8 degrees C, tomorrow, the maximum temperature of 20 degrees, the minimum temperature of 12 degrees C. In addition, because the ground pressure into the city, the day after tomorrow the upper warm air near the ground inversion layer, night radiative cooling violent, air pollution diffusion conditions in our city are relatively poor, there may be a period of low visibility, please pay attention to the prevention of the public.相关的主题文章: