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Dance of the river luxury upgrade Beijing Railway Station on the first day of the box office over a million Tencent entertainment news at 10 a.m. on November 4th, barley network began to officially sell the river dance Beijing Railway Station performance tickets. As of 17:49 p.m., Beijing’s box office has exceeded one million. This round of the river to the sea, life forward as the theme of the tour, is the 21 year of the establishment of the river dance in China for the eighth round of the tour. As a show that has been in China for 10 years, what is the dance of the river? It is reported that as the watercress score has been up to 9.4 points in the show, "Riverdance" repeated viewing rate reached 70%, word of mouth is almost uniform praise, more a pair of foreign couples, continuous watch up to 56 games. In fact, as the world’s most frequently sold out dance performances, Riverdance was in Britain, America, Australia, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Brazil and other places have created numerous sales records. And the dance of the river to bring the shock, every time is like the first one is exciting. "Riverdance" the birth of 21 years, 117 countries, 360 theaters, 425 heads of state show, nearly 20000 performances, dance performances throughout the world, the total travel reached three times the equivalent of 700000 miles of the earth to the moon, over 21 years of global box office this year, "Riverdance" 2016 luxury upgrade from January 5th to January 8th Edition will show in Beijing. The history of the most luxurious lineup, the five major innovation highlights, and then break the peak, the classic upgrade! 2016 luxury upgrades "Riverdance", "new" upgrade, the return of the king. 2016 luxury upgrade version of the dance of the river, is a visual upgrade, the upgrade of the dance, is an upgrade of the stage art, is the peak of the breakthrough and reconstruction. In 2016, sitting in the "Riverdance" stage under the China audience, just watch a show, is a witness to a new classical ballet Legend Reborn, witness a breakthrough determination and his miracles. The new lineup: brings together the world’s top tap dancer, dance new glory for the new lineup, bringing together the world’s tap dance dance king, a dance and a glory. Elite gathering, master gathered. River Dance dancers and musicians almost all the actors were a veteran in battle, received more than 150 pieces of various world championships medals! The new shock: 20 years of the most spectacular performers, dance challenge tension watch "Riverdance", not only to see the Irish folk customs, including Spanish flamenco, Russian dance, classical ballet and modern dance dancer essence, the most spectacular number of 21 years! Dance is always "Riverdance" the most exciting part of this year’s show, interspersed with several collective dance in the play the audience had enough addiction. Especially in the first half the last scene of "Riverdance" is used. In a 2009 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, which is the one of the most ornamental fragments. In the Lord of the dance and dance under the leadership of nearly thirty tap dancer bullets and uniform strong rhythm of the tap sound grand and impressive, like general impact crack Jingtao shore audience’s nerves, makes the audience boiling, everyone scream full of excitement. applause "相关的主题文章: