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Halep locked   finals; Covey Tova strong promotion semi-finals – Wu net Sichuan channel — people.com.cn original title: Halep locked finals Covey Tova strong promotion semi-finals in September 29th in China, Halep in the race to the ball. On the same day, the Wuhan Open women’s singles final in 1/4, Romania’s Halep 2 to 0 victory over American contestant Keith, semi-finals. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Rao Rao Wu net 29 have four players, No. four seed Halep in the 1/4 final Keith, three consecutive years among the finals; Covey Tova eliminated following the world first Korbel continued after two straight sets defeat stride forward singing militant songs, konta semi-finals. The other two advanced players are former U.S. Open champion Kuznetsova and Cibulkova. Kuznetsova as the No. nine seed, reverse the upset No. three seed Ladd Vansk, 1:6, 7:6 And 6:4 (9) win, showing a solid line of technical and indomitable fighting spirit. Due to wet weather in Wuhan, two scheduled 28 third round match postponed to 29 days, the results of Cibulkova and Stree Kurkovva was forced to a double match, the two beat us open runner up Price Kurkovva and former world number one Jankovic advance to the quarterfinals in the match in the afternoon. In the evening of the ending of the war, Cibulkova and three hard disk, 6:3,3:6 and 6:4 eliminated Stree Kurkovva semi-final. Halep won relatively easily, with 6:4 and 6:2 eliminated Keith, after becoming the third to Singapore and Serena Kobel finals tickets player. This is the Romanian finals for the three straight year in 2014, in the finals, she was in the group phase defeated Serena and reached the finals last year; in the finals, halep won the group phase when the US Open champion Pennetta. China scored semi-finals, this season’s overall record halep 43 wins and 14 negative, won three WTA titles – Madrid open, Bucharest open and the Rodgers cup. Two time Wimbledon champion Covey Tova in the third round match in 3 hours and 20 minutes after she defeated Korbel a trend which cannot be halted when only 1.5 hours, with 6:3 And 6:4 across the UK and a sister tower hole, hole tower for two consecutive years to stop China eight. The last hole tower in the quarter finals defeat Williams Williams won out. Covey Tova did not leave the opportunity to serve in their own tower, relying on the potential to sink the ball, the hole tower firmly in the bottom line. Konta clear if could win the match, she will have the opportunity to join the ranks of the finals, so hard to fight to the last moment, but always failed to reverse the decline. "I’m better today than I was yesterday, which made me more active in the game. I mean, if a service is not good, want to win the game basically impossible, especially when you each only a break time." Covey Tova said after the game, in fact, I have not recovered from yesterday’s fatigue, and even willpower is so." Covey Tova and Halep have played in the Confederations Cup in, when he won the game at the time of the tournament in the United States in February. "We haven’t met each other, I saw the score, she (halep) today)相关的主题文章: