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The zebra crossing the car hit the mother and daughter "Ningbo model" is worth learning – Fujian channel — original title: zebra crossing the car hit the mother and daughter "Ningbo mode" is worth reference electric zebra crossing did not get off the implementation of the day before yesterday afternoon, Fuzhou Hualin Road, a zebra crossing, a car knocked down an electric car, electric cars and injured. The accident caused public concern, some people believe that the incident is just a microcosm of Fuzhou zebra comity, electric vehicle is not free to cross the chaos, called for thorough investigation. In mid June this year, Ningbo city 10 departments jointly co governance "zebra chaos", the effect is obvious. Some people think that Fuzhou can learn from the Ningbo model". The accident highlights two major traffic chaos yesterday, Kaida newspaper reported that the accident caused a lot of public attention. Some people think, reflect the two traffic chaos in the accident, a vehicle is not active deceleration and stop at the zebra crossing comity, two electric vehicles, in violation of the provisions of the manned crossing, and the two kind of phenomenon is not the case, is also very common in other sections. In the sea are reported in WeChat public number, click on the reported rate exceeded 20 thousand. Netizen "DTZZ" said, often walking across the zebra crossing, almost invisible to the vehicle; the "Xiang ba." said the car let pedestrians is right, but sometimes it is free to cross the electric vehicle. Special reminder, non motorized vehicles crossed the zebra crossing to get off, rather than riding. Ningbo: no zebra comity, fined 100 yuan deducted 3 points in this regard, Zhang believes that people some time ago to travel to Ningbo, often through the crossing, the taxi will slow down and comity, began to rely on the most original punishment, they gradually habit, Fuzhou city can also follow the implementation of recommendations. The Ningbo municipal government to carry out the "civilized travel" series of activities in mid June, the unified standard punishment for illegal drivers not comity zebra in to a fine of $100 and recorded 3 points. Ningbo city civilization office led joint Ningbo municipal organs, Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Construction Committee, City Management Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Commission, city administration, city rail traffic engineering construction headquarters and other units jointly issued in 2016 10, Ningbo city "civilized travel" series of activities to implement the program, one of the focus is on comity zebra". Mr. Zhang believes that the zebra chaos, relying solely on the traffic police on the road to investigate, there are many problems, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of deterrent. The first is to cover all traffic police left, chaos and reproduction; secondly, in addition to the marking and fines, should also follow the example of Ningbo, the public and the illegal units, directly copied to the relevant units and units in charge, deterrence is greater. (reporter Chen Gongzhang Xia Yuqing Wen Mao sea Zhaoqing (map): Lin Dongxiao Shi Yunjuan, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: