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Marry the man before his girlfriend was admitted to the hospital diagnosed leukemia accompanying a year (Figure) in November 8th, West China Hospital of Sichuan (micro-blog WeChat), Han Lin here with her boyfriend Zhang Yanming suffering from leukemia. To marry him before, he was diagnosed with leukemia; hospital, protect her boyfriend never abandon. He was thin, and broke up with her, but she always accompanied by his side, let him laugh, regain confidence…… "Concentrated fire! Targeting cancer cell corps!" "You want to support platelet ah, help is on the way……" Over the past year, these energetic text, with a smiling face, full of Lin cold WeChat circle of friends, but also attracted a point of support for a number of friends praise. Spare time, she will be a reply, and to share the bed boyfriend Zhang Yanming. At this time, two people always laugh into a group. June 2015, 9 years of acquaintance with the end of the race to prepare for the two, planning to go to the marriage hall. However, the wedding ring has not put on Lin Han’s hand, Zhang Yanming was diagnosed with leukemia. The pain of torture, coupled with the psychological blow, so that Zhang Yanming thin day by day, also had to break up with his girlfriend. Fortunately, Lin always accompany him in his side, trying to make him laugh, regain confidence. At noon on November 8th, West China Hospital of Sichuan in the cold forest, lunch time, and come back to visit her boyfriend. The same day, there are several college juniors, with a full blessing messages to cheer for him, but Lin Han is holding his hand the promise, "next time, but also to accompany him to fight together". Guardian of his girlfriend was admitted to the hospital for more than a year in November 8th to escort 6 a.m. (micro-blog WeChat), Chengdu Wuhou District Hongmen Backstreet, temperature 8. It is not the micro light, the window also freeze a chill, the street occasionally crossed several cars. The 26 year old Lin Han woke up, looked at the bed Zhang Yanming hill, energetically blink eyes several times, trying to get out of bed. In the hospital during the night, in fact, sleep time is very short, sometimes the patient’s moans, or walking on the steps, can wake her up. Lin Han in the toilet simple after grooming, Zhang Yanming has been in the nurses’ check, a temperature of 37.5 DEG C, normal. Subsequently, the two had breakfast, Zhang’s mother came, Lin cold ready to go to work. "When he’s in the hospital, I come here every day." Lin said that after work, at 7 o’clock in the evening, rushed to the hospital, took over the day to maintain the mother Zhang, a day does not see, the heart will not be practical." In August last year, Lin Han on the way to the hospital, that accidentally fell carpal luxation. "He" despise me, "let me get back to rest." Can not think of a bandage on the cold forest, full of vitality once again appeared in front of him, "Hey, I’m here again!" It has been a year of time, Zhang Yanming "go away" stubborn Lin Han, Han Lin also used this unit in the hospital and travel life. The prevalence was found on the eve of marriage at the age of 28, Zhang Yanming dream of leukemia also think, usually not too cold for several times that he was suffering from leukemia at that time: on the 4 day before the illness, he had secretly customized wedding ring, ready to meet his girlfriend of 9 years, Lin Han woo, all the elements of romance he has a good plan. June 2015 9 meat相关的主题文章: