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He insisted on nearly one thousand out of many palace palace eunuch eunuch jump river – Beijing, author: Jia Yinghua as everyone knows the people’s Literature Publishing House published in June 2016 the last emperor Puyi life context, but many details have been submerged in history. What are the stories behind PuYi’s life? Which stories are closer to the historical truth? The expert Jia Yinghua took thirty years to interview more than and 300 people around Pu Yi, Han people know mining Puyi life behind the story, reveals the late Qing Dynasty palace unheard of historical details in the book for the first time disclosure of many precious photos and artifacts, let you see another point of puyi. PuYi from the house of Chinese embezzlement treasure, and then to the Jianfu palace mysterious fire, and the eunuch expelled out of the palace, is what has been absolutely PuYi went alone alcohol palace, asked his father Feng immediately declare, or not to return to the palace. As a result, the oceans and the minister to discuss news will not be leaked in advance. At first the oceans strongly disagreed, he is always what things are as usual, this still stammered: "this, this is a violation of law." Which know Pu Yi released a relentless, face a sink, he said: "if you do not agree, I will from today live in mellow infante, not back to the palace!" Feng was not the idea, then in the room around, the result is a bottle of soda hit the floor, "bang" sound of bombing. Which know Pu Yi but meishiren picked up a book and read it alone. Feng is hesitant, Pu Yi, the board face stood up, put it is that: "I would rather leave the emperor, do not leave the eunuch." If no longer when the emperor Puyi abdicated, the Feng "honesty salary" who? In Puyi persistence, Feng had to reluctantly agreed to her. There is a compromise, to leave some eunuchs several old toffee. Then one day, intrauterine eunuch to be thrown out of the Forbidden City almost all. According to Johnston records, the past nearly three thousand Palace eunuch. In 1923, one thousand people with intrauterine eunuch leaving only about more than and 100 people at this time. According to the last eunuch Sun Yaoting recalled, many eunuchs out of the palace, because no way out of the palace life, jumped into the beijing. The old eunuch letter also made a year and recorded: "in twelve years, Puyi in the Jianfu intrauterine" Germany and Japan "(Note:" in Germany and Japan, the new "refers to the Jianfu palace a hall.) The movie, since then, the fire will treasure Palace on fire. Then all will lead to a big bang Pu Yi eunuch in." Thousands of eunuchs was expelled from the palace after the situation is not a. Here it is necessary to explain the historical facts. The vast majority of eunuchs because nowhere to live, had to swallow Wing building temporary located in the Imperial Palace just north of the axis. It is in the south of Tiananmen Square, and Tiananmen Square and called the three defense north gate, commonly known as "backdoor old people in Beijing". Because of the Tiananmen in the north direction, Bei’an Ming said the door, when the Qing Dynasty changed to Tiananmen Square — an implied meaning, tian. Yan Wing building room fifteen east west direction, like a goose wings protect Beijing North gate. Through the house government to raise severance costs, one)相关的主题文章: