You don’t believe that our fingerprints, eyes and face will replace the password 捷安特xtc750

You do not believe that our fingerprints, eyes and face will replace the password [Abstract] people are trying to completely get rid of the password, so far, fingerprint recognition is a better solution. [editor’s note] foreign Tencent website MSN recently published an article entitled "our fingerprints, eyes and face will replace the password" (Our fingerprints, eyes and faces will replace passwords) of the article, the author is Cherlynn Low. Cherlynn Low believes that about five years later, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition and face recognition and other biometric methods will replace the password as the mainstream identity authentication. The following is the main content of the article. Passwords are a headache, they can be easily cracked or hard to remember. Moreover, once the password is cracked, it will have to reset a new password. Therefore, people are trying to get rid of the password completely, so far, fingerprint recognition is a better solution. But it’s not enough to rely solely on fingerprints. Network security has become more and more important, which forced network service providers to take a better way to protect user information security, such as dual authentication. Many companies began to use other parts of the body as a new biometric authentication methods, which are mainly face recognition and eye recognition. Although face recognition and human face recognition technology is now just a gimmick (such as the Galaxy Note 7 iris recognition). Is there any other examples? These new authentication methods may soon be as popular and popular as fingerprint recognition, they can replace the password and the text of the dual certification, so that the identity authentication is a biological process. We can look at the history of smart phone fingerprint recognition. 2013, the first time on the IPhone 5S fingerprint identification technology, it is pointed out that the effect is not very good, but not safe. But Apple Corp perseverance, improve hardware, adding more useful features. Since then, many other technology giants began to follow apple. Today, fingerprint recognition has basically become Samsung, Nexus (or Pixel), LG and HTC flagship phone essential functions. Even some of the lower price of the phone is also equipped with this feature, such as $99 ZMax Pro, $200 HUAWEI glory 5X, $400 OnePlus 3, as well as $400 zte. Saeed, senior director of product management department of Qualcomm Corp, · (Sayeed), said the fingerprint recognition function in the future will become the essential functions of the smart phone (Choudhury). Although fingerprint sensors are widely used, many companies continue to pursue more convenient and novel methods of identification, the introduction of a new biometric identification. When Google (micro-blog) for the first time in the Android 4 system to show the face unlock function, we began to face recognition as a new authentication. A few years later, the phone began to appear on the human eye recognition functions, such as.相关的主题文章: