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Liuzhou Xinxing toll station team: the South Gate of the first impression of Liuzhou figure for the toll He Jingjing at work. Such a hand, she is about to do 3000 times a day. Nanguojinbao journalist Xu Jielin   the emerging toll station is the southern gate of Liuzhou, is one of the busiest highway entrances in the region. Here reflects the first impression of Liuzhou, is the 55 average age of only 22 years old young people, they fall back to school every day for 24 hours, the basic is to charge stations for home. Hand 3000 times a day on November 18th at about 10 am, the reporter came to the new toll station. According to the deputy chief Huang Yuanyuan introduced the traffic flow of the station every day for 1.3-1.4 million trips this year, "March three" and the Qingming Festival reached 28 thousand trips, a toll to receive a daily average of more than 1 thousand vehicles, up more than 1 thousand and 800 trips. Schematic, delivery card, a hand movement, every day to repeat about 3000 times, plus money, Zhaobu, many people will be tired after work will not lift up the arm. Huang Yuanyuan said that such work is boring, but must be meticulous. This is also reflected in other aspects, for example, there are more than and 100 transport of fresh agricultural products truck toll free the station every day, and are concentrated in the early morning; for this type of vehicle, must be carried out by the toll in accordance with the relevant provisions of the strict inspection. Regardless of wind and rain, they are going into the car, or climb the 4 meters high roof inspection of goods. In addition, for the field of driver direction, to provide traffic information, but also their homely food. In order to familiar with the road, each a toll is "live map" of the surrounding Liuzhou, Guangxi and even the whole road are memorized in the heart. Not long ago, there was a driver for navigation software misleading, around Liuzhou turn three laps did not find the destination. Finally, the toll collector to bring their own maps, draw a good route in the above, only for him to solve the problem. "Tit for tat" solve the morning of August 29, 2011, a suspension GUI R license plate six axle trucks into the new station exit lanes, the computer makes prompt overrun. However, questioned 3 men in the car, jumped out of the car and asked to weigh in. In the re weighing, truck driver takes a pound, pound to jump around by loadometer. In this regard, the duty of the toll Zhong Yu see she does not blame the driver, crystal clear, but the evidence carefully recorded, then politely to produce relevant documents and evidence, and asked the driver in accordance with the provisions of payment. Seeing the cheating things, truck drivers angry, began to acrimony. Zhong Yu did not reply to the other side to cool off, then do the ideological work. Because the driver emotion is too excited, after a roar, the mouth of a piece of goods, straight into the toll booths. Zhong Yu paused, he saw it was a pair of false teeth, she immediately picked up with a paper towel on the face with teeth, eight teeth smile, hands back to the driver: "master, I wish you have a good teeth." For this, the "tit for tat" truck drivers face shame, mounted on the dentures after,.相关的主题文章: