Ma 琍 Chen Jianbin ten years after gathering the plight of complain companion variable quarrel

Ma Yili Chen Jianbin, ten years after gathering the plight of "China become quarrelsome lovers complain companion guanxi" humor Trailer Chen Jianbin Mai & #29709; #22247; & smile; Tencent entertainment news recently, by the famous director Shen Yan, Liu Haibo directed the joint Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili led the main play drama "Chinese reality theme type" exposure the relationship between "edition" posters, perplexing relations began to take shape between the each character and each other, showing the "Chinese" human society. Chen Jianbin, who plays the role of Ma Guoliang, is surrounded by several important women in his life, reflecting the relationship between his career, family and emotion. Ma Yili in the play as the returnees designer Jiang Yinan, is the cause of the cause of the partnership with the confidante of the friends of the. A smart white-collar costume Ma Yili or Chen Jianbin sitting on the couch, or backed by Chen Jianbin, eyes filled with confidence, highlighting urban women independent temperament, but also reflects the two well-matched in strength career and relationships. However, Jiang Yinan ‘s is not a "strong woman" image, she and Ma Guoliang is more like a pair of quarrelsome lovers". Ma Yili said with a smile, "in fact, Jiang Yinan ‘s and not just for Ma Guoliang on his tongue, but also quite self deprecating spirit. Although two people noisy, but can become a partner with very understanding." It is reported that the Chinese style will be on September 7th in Beijing satellite TV, Oriental TV broadcast. This is Chen Jianbin and Ma Yili following the 2006 "Joe courtyard", again after a lapse of ten years after the cooperation. Some netizens said, so many years ago, Qiao Zhiyong and Jiang Xueying screen reunion, really look forward to."相关的主题文章: