Not lose face The freshmen can’t make the bed look not to the past carmex润唇膏

Not lose face? The freshmen can’t make the bed look not to the past year went to school season, College Freshmen’s topic became the focus of media coverage, accompanied by their parents to school, poor health awareness is weak, faint military encounter fraud…… The problem of the quality of contemporary college students once again aroused social hot debate. Recently, how to shop bedding quilt has become a problem in many Cypriot freshmen, "how to plug the bedding quilt? How can you not get in the four corners?" Yesterday, just live in the dormitory of Wuhan University of Science and Technology Transportation Engineering Freshmen Liu Jia, to his mother called for help. (September 10th "Wuhan Evening News") netizens think, now college students even the basic bed mattress, quilt plug will not visible, their self-care ability is low; but there are also netizens think that, as a generation of only children grew up in the care of their parents, not stuffed quilt is normal, and slowly learned, not to blame. The author thinks, can’t make the bed mattress quilt, plug, for young people now, and what is not a shameful thing, this need not get excited over a little thing. People often use "a house does not sweep how to sweep the world," this sentence, to teach others to pay attention to the development of a good style of life, but also, as someone retorted, "sweeping the world to sweep a house?" It does not have to blame everyone pay attention to the details of life. Is the so-called "everyone has his own advantages, a person’s life self-care ability is low, does not mean that he has no other expertise. Not all of the world’s leading scientists, writers, and great heroes in the history of mankind will be swept away. Similarly, now spoiled 90, after 00 nor "ruin a generation", even if life can not completely take care of themselves, they still have expertise. Moreover, now 90 children life can not take care of the problem, the root cause lies in the traditional concept of family education, Chinese said that "the poor children early master", another layer of meaning of this sentence is: not the poor children without early masters. Obviously, whether ancient or modern China society, whenever there is a point of the conditions of the family are not willing to let the child suffer, not to mention in the examination oriented education system, parents pay more attention to cultivate children’s learning oriented ability, rather than life. Therefore, in this social environment nurtured by the younger generation, self-care ability is not surprising. In the era of progress, the development of society. Today, human society has entered an era of artificial intelligence, a lot of things that need to be pro active, has now been replaced by the machine. Older people blame the younger generation will make the bed, as the ancient people laugh at modern people don’t like zuanmuquhuo. So now the children do not have to blame, can’t make the bed quilt plug is not what heinous crime. Because this is not a necessary skill for the survival of the human beings, the ability to focus on their own life while ignoring the cultivation of other abilities, this is the pick up sesame seeds lost watermelon".相关的主题文章: