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Where is the first place in the list of the top ten suitors? The traditional way of marriage may soon be in the history books, and almost half of the proposals are completed at home while watching tv. A survey has found that modern people are no longer following the traditional practice of proposing marriage, but are more likely to have no surprise. Traditional marriage proposals could soon be consigned to the history books almost half of them – with now happening at home in front of the TV. the traditional proposal may soon appear only in history books, now almost half of the proposal is watching TV at home when completed. A study of newlyweds has found modern men are ditching age-old traditional proposal custom in for a couple of favour of a more lacklustre approach. survey found that modern people gradually no longer follow the traditional marriage customs, and more inclined to no surprise the ordinary proposal. The study found only a third of men now go down on one knee to pop the question as their fathers and grandfathers "generations would have done. study found that only 1/3 of men still like their parents and grandparents that marry down on one knee. And the age-old tradition of asking the bride s father for her hand "in marriage is also on the verge of dying out with of recently married males claiming 63% they" didn "t bother". Another ancient tradition – married bride request the approval of my father – also slowly disappear, 63% the men say they are no longer so difficult". Even the idea picking a location propose has by the wayside, with the typical ‘reported in of fallen to相关的主题文章: