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2016 National Diving Championships in Guangzhou start Zhanjiang combination three meter board Zhaiyin sponsored by the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center swimming, hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau, sports training center, two sand in Guangdong province of Guangdong Olympic Sports Center Co sponsored the 2016 National Diving Championships on September 21st at the Guangdong Olympic Sports Center swimming pool opening. The game lasted a week, ending in September 27th. Teams from 20 provinces and cities nationwide 263 athletes, the game consists of male, female 1 meter springboard, 3 meter springboard, 10 meter platform, individual all-around, 3 metre springboard, 10 meter synchronized, groups and mixed 3 meter springboard, mixed 10 meter platform, and mixed Almighty etc. 17 events. This is the first time the Chinese diving team in the Rio Olympics after the national event, won the 7 gold medal in the Olympic diving champion in recent rest to adjust the main, did not participate in this competition. An important test but this contest is also national diving team to prepare for the 2017 Tianjin provincial games. Therefore, the participating provinces and cities are also highly regarded. At the same time, the management center of the State General Administration of sport swimming with the game on the occasion of the Olympic Sports Center in Guangdong held the Olympic Games for support units daxiehui, during the China national diving team preparing for the Olympic Games will give strong support of Guangdong province and Guangzhou city the relevant unit of leadership and staff thanks. Administration of Swimming Center Director Wang Lusheng and deputy director Zhou Jihong on behalf of the center director Wang Yuping to the Guangdong Province Sports Bureau, Guangzhou Sports Bureau inspector Liao Xiaoming unit expressed gratitude and thanks to the plaque. As to the press, the first women’s 3 metre springboard final winner. Zhanjiang nationality player Wu Chunting, Guangdong, won the women’s three m springboard for the. In May this year, held in Nanning, the National Diving Championships, Wu Chunting was at the time and he was paired, won the gold medal in women’s double three meter board. But this time, the National Diving Championships held in Guangzhou, just to participate in the Rio Olympic games where the attitude of truce. So, Wu Chunting temporarily changed with Zhanjiang fellow Chen Jiayu pairing. In the women’s three meter final, Wu Chunting Chen Jiayu to score 305.52 points runner up. The gold medal was Hebei’s national team Wang Han Jia Dongjin to 311.70 points to win, the Liberation Army combination of Huang Xiaohui, then won the third place in the name of the name of the Chinese team in the United States and the United States and China won the first place in the army of the Chinese people’s Republic of China in the world. The gold medal was.相关的主题文章: