Pingjiang discovered a quadruped Hawaii gigantic stature rewrite攻略�

Pingjiang discovered a quadruped Hawaii gigantic stature data of Yueyang daily media giant news (Lin Siwen) the afternoon of September 17th, Pingjiang county forest protection wildlife protection station received town village villagers Yang Zili Jiang Fu said the phone in front of the mountain ditch caught a suspected wawayu "strange fish". County forest protection wildlife conservation station and wild animal rescue station staff rushed to the scene, confirm the "fish" for wild giant salamander. After the measurement, the salamander is 75 cm long, weighs 2.35 kilograms, gray color, strong, is huge. Yang Zili said that this salamander is struggling in the small pool, he thought it was a turtle, arrested was found to be a strange fish". You think, may be the last period of local drought, leading to ditch flow, was trapped in the giant salamander in the small pool. Fortunately, the timely rescue, otherwise this salamander is likely to die. County forest protection wildlife protection station deputy chief Zhong Jianping introduced the name salamander giant salamander, belonging to the two national protected animal, endemic species in China, because it sounds like a baby crying, salamander. Pingjiang region is the artificial salamander breeding field, this discovery is wild giant salamander, which is in Pingjiang County for the first time found wild giant salamander. This fully reflects the good ecological environment of Pingjiang County, excellent water quality, providing a good breeding and habitat for wildlife. Subsequently, the wild animal rescue station staff in town and village cadres under the assistance, after looking for nearly 3 hours, 7 o’clock in the evening, chose a crevice and cave, water quality, food rich waters in Fu Shan Scenic Area, this salamander will release, let it return. Nature.相关的主题文章: