Grand track topic of many high box office is not technology breakthrough content is still emp 纪元1701

"Grand track" topic of many high box office is not   technology breakthrough content is still empty – the media – original title: the breakthrough of technology, the content is still empty Guo Jingming and Chen Xuedong shot using motion capture technology of "Final Fantasy" series of CG technology has been widely used in film production "Tintin" "Beowulf" "Warcraft" Guo Jingming, director of the "grand track" on the 6 day, the cumulative box office less than 300 million yuan. Whether it is compared to "the times" series of films at the box office, or will it in the whole sequence of the national archives, "grand track" achievement is not good. Into the film director and product manager Guo Jingming identity, always with "black strokes" constitution, which makes "grand track" in theaters before they can be a lot of star party on the watercress brush out low. However, after the official release of the film, there are a lot of viewers said that the film is better than imagined, the film on the watercress score also rose from 3.5 points to 4.1 points. "Grand track" as the first Chinese real CG movie, Guo Jingming challenged, a bold attempt to spirit worthy of praise; but if from the meaning of the movie itself, it is still quite a "Guo Jingming" film. The first Chinese real CG movie, complete positive film "grand track" released the first trailer from June this year, has been with the topic. At that time, many people Tucao movie effects like online games, with 50 Fen special effects far. September second release trailer, the quality of a lot better than the former, but the complex relationship between the characters can not touch the mind. Until September 30th the official release, after two hours of film audiences have something to say. In the "grand track", Fan Bingbing, Chen Xuedong, Wu Yifan, Amber Kuo, William Chan, Yan Yikuan, Aarif Lee and Lin Yun and other actors on the big screen than the reality is more perfect, more delicate facial features, taller, but if you belong to the blind is likely to face the audience, can not tell who is who, because the actor the truth is a lot of fuzzy CG technology. From the visual point of view, the actor’s facial expression is also more rigid, subtle part is not to see. Many viewers said, whether it is Chen Xuedong or Wu Yifan, as long as there are Yan values, the whole process can not play the film. The role played by Fan Bingbing in the film, was Tucao wasted acting. Of course, "grand track" has had good place, for example, flocks of scenes do youmoyouyang, part of "Cang snow Eudemons teeth" as the representative of the production of relatively sophisticated. Guo Jingming also uses CG technology to continue to use his favorite long shots, such as a large number of strokes, siege, shot from a combat weapon and the soul of the beast, big angle rocketed to overlooking the battlefield situation, then rushed back to the war, at least visually brighten. CG technology in the Hollywood is not unusual, but for China film people, to fully grasp the core technology of CG is difficult, because the technology is not easily out of Hollywood’s top secret. It is reported that the "grand track" CG effects by most of the force Nanjing animation production company, is the true meaning of the domestic CG film. For many users of actor nature, expression stiff movements and other issues, the force of CG animation artist wearing first)相关的主题文章: