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The retail price of gasoline and diesel will welcome this year — the largest increase of energy — original title: gasoline and diesel retail prices will usher in the largest increase this year JINGWAH Times News (reporter Shi Zhijun) a new round of oil price adjustment window will be open at 24 tomorrow. Market institutions generally expect the next round of gasoline and diesel retail prices will usher in the sixth increase this year, and the rate of increase is expected to refresh this year highs. The end of the last valuation cycle, the international oil prices continued to rise, resulting in the beginning of this cycle crude oil price will be high. Effect of limited production price policy on oil prices continued fermentation, crude oil prices remain volatile upward trend. In addition, taking into account the previous round of the period, the price of crude oil showed a low rebound trend, the average price of crude oil at a low level, making the current round of crude oil change rate is significantly positive pull. According to treasure island estimates, as of August 29th seventh working days, the average price of crude oil for the reference $47.57 barrel, the rate of change of 8.06%, corresponding to the retail price of gasoline and diesel should be raised about $220 tons. Zhuochuang data show that as of August 29th, the main oil change rate is 8.84%, the corresponding increase in gasoline and diesel 295 tons, equivalent to the price rise for gasoline and diesel rose 0.23, 0.25 yuan. JOYOU crude oil valuation benchmark price rose $3.977, or 8.96%, is expected to increase the retail price of $240 tons. Analysis of WWW oil analyst Qin Wenping said that with the larger hit, China Eastern eleven provinces (except Hainan) the five national standard gasoline and diesel, gasoline will once again enter the era of "six". This is the second in June 8th after the price adjustment, after a lapse of two months the return of gasoline prices. Due to the refined oil retail prices are expected to rise strongly, but also to some extent, led to the rise in the wholesale price of refined oil products. As of August 29th, the domestic three barrels of oil wholesale price of oil has been compared with the previous price adjustment cycle rose by a total of 4.2%. Private refineries rise more significantly, compared with the average price of gasoline on the cycle has risen 11.6%, diesel rose slightly but also as high as 6.6%. If the implementation of the refined oil price rose, will usher in the two rising, this year is also the largest increase, will be compared with the beginning of the first time after the price adjustment price rose 0.8 yuan, greatly. If a car fuel tank capacity 50L car as an example, to fill a box of oil will increase over the year 40 yuan, the owner of the travel costs will increase. (: Yan Lu, commissioning editor Du Yanfei)相关的主题文章: