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The father of China’s Viagra turned over to 200 million yuan in New Zealand, China can get back how much to pay the settlement of New Zealand and the Red Cross Yan Yongming will be exempt from it? Beijing News News (reporter Wang Mengyao) following the "33 100 red pass personnel" after returning home, yesterday and "red." the case progress. According to media reports, "New Zealand Herald" reported on 23 August, the New Zealand police confirmed before the high court approval of the police and Chinese "red 5" Yan Yongming reached a settlement with money laundering investigation, Yan Yongming shall be paid to the police 42 million 850 thousand New Zealand dollars (about 208 million yuan) of the property. Yan Yongming ranked hundred red pass fifth. Flight information display, Yan Yongming alias Liu Yang, former chairman of Tonghua Jinma Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd. Yan Yongming fled in November 2001 in New Zealand, after the Tonghua Municipal Public Security Bureau on the record, the charges involved in the occupation of embezzlement, Interpol issued a red warrant is the time of the year in August 22, 2005 in. A property confiscated the highest amount of New Zealand New Zealand police official said, this is one of the country’s highest property confiscated amount is always, new cooperation in the investigation of more than two years of achievements. According to reports, the amount of money involved in the direction of the new party informed of the S $129 million. New Zealand Prime Minister John · ki said, would like to see the high court ruling, saying the current unknown China intends to follow up the case. Local media are waiting to see whether the Chinese side has asked to obtain New Zealand citizenship Yan Yongming. New Zealand television quoted police minister Judith · Corinth said: "I want to settle out of court trial is better than." The New Zealand Police Department said in a statement, Yan Yongming once received the money paid, he and the other people involved had been frozen property will be closed, money laundering investigation will be closed, the next step will be to discuss how to allocate the money paid Chinese. Reporters learned yesterday at a regular press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs media questions on Yan Yongming issue, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said, it is understood, to the relevant departments in recent years, with the New Zealand police China police chase economic crime suspect Yan Yongming and to pursue the proceeds of crime have been in close cooperation. The new party confiscated assets is Yan Yongming cooperation achievements. For the next step, Lu Kang said, China police will continue to work with the New Zealand Police jointly promote Yan Yongming case law enforcement cooperation. 200 million. China could take back how much money? The report also mentioned that the New Zealand police said the next step is to discuss how to allocate Chinese and paid more than 200 million of the money Yong Ming yan. Beijing Normal University Research Institute of international criminal law Huang Feng explained, according to the provisions of the law of New Zealand recovered, New Zealand foreign provides in the recovery process to help the confiscation of property after will share with the country, "there is no doubt that in the case of Chinese Yan Yongming helped, but the proportion of share is depending on the extent of China help set." In addition, because there is no money laundering property victims, the money will be handed over to the treasury. Asked whether pay property means not accountable? Beijing Normal University Research Institute of international criminal law Huang Feng told the Beijing News reporter, Yan Yongming paid a thing to be divided into two party.相关的主题文章: