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Ten year old boy to take the gift money sent by their parents refused to admit the police station – Beijing, "you look for my child, he stole money from home also didn’t admit killing……" In September 14th, Yubei District Shuanglong police station to a parent, holding a teenage boy. With these words, the parents left, leaving the child alone in the police station. Originally, the boy carrying parents money at home, the money used to buy snacks and toys, but my parents think that his behavior is not "take" but "steal", and to apologize. The boy, however, that he was holding his parents in the new year’s money, there is no mistake, so he refused to admit his behavior is wrong. Her parents money boy refused to admit wrong behavior at the police station, the police looked at the little boy, no matter what he said, do not speak. Two hours later, the parents did not see any movement, the little boy finally opened his mouth, he said his name is Zhang Long (a pseudonym), reading primary school grade five. Police asked the little dragon whether he realized that there is a mistake, the Dragon said, every year there will be a lot of relatives to the new year’s money, money on the parents there. "I take my own new year’s money, how to steal it, how can it be wrong?……" Prior to this, the police learned from the parents of dragons, dragons took a total of three money at home, a total of $130. Before two time, parents abuse education, but each time the dragons are not admit that he is wrong. 14 in the morning, the little dragon parents found a small dragon stealing New Year’s money, once again asked the little dragon is aware of their mistakes. But the Little Dragon said, "there’s nothing wrong". Parents feel not children, angry children sent to the police station the police want to educate children Ssangyong, and let the children recognize the error. The police and the dragons after more than an hour, the dragons asked to write guarantee to the parents, will no longer be without money. Little dragon parents also discipline their children’s behavior was reflected, thanks to the police reminder, will bring home dragons. The child is really true gift money is belongs to the child’s property ownership of gift money, some people think that their children receive gift money, as parents, should be corresponding to the same amount of each other’s children gift money, so the money can not be regarded as their own property. It was also suggested that the elderly to the child’s lucky money, should belong to all children, parents can not occupy, this is a violation of the child’s property. Who belongs to the lucky money? Chongqing Ding San Wang Mingwu law firm lawyers believe that the child’s gift money is given by others, it should belong to the child "gift", receive the property should belong to all children, parents can not be regarded as property. The gift is the gift of the property or property rights of their own free to the recipient, the donee acceptance of the gift behavior. Generally speaking, the donation contract is a practical contract, upon delivery shall not go back. Fully comply with the conditions of gift gift money to children: the donor parents or relatives, children’s gift to the donee, gift money is voluntary and unpaid, and the child as the recipient is willing to accept. Some parents believe that the money is the property exchange between parents, this degree相关的主题文章: