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Hong Kong led boas ambitious challenge Hengda throne AFC Champions League title? [information] boas will take over Hong Kong coach 4 afternoon press conference officials announced the cold winter sports Tencent in November 3rd, the Hong Kong team quietly change. At the two season of the Swedish marshal Erickson class, the former Chelsea team marshal Boas will win the Hong Kong, led the team to the next super league and AFC Champions League. Erickson led the two season into the Super League quarter finals three, AFC Champions League, ordinarily performance is not bad, finally escape the fate of school, only that the Hong Kong Club has a more ambitious goal and pursuit, they want to challenge the Hengda throne and hope to have the breakthrough in the AFC Champions League stadium, which is to hire Boas. On the new coach Boas as a world class coach, Erickson coached the England national team, also coached Lazio this Serie A giants, CV is brilliant. Moreover, he will R team such a mediocre team into the League AFC Champions League showed first-class, coaching skill, this is Hong Kong clubs was an important reason of his. On the overall strength, the Hong Kong team than the constant brigade how much worse, Wu Lei, Yu Hai, also Yan Junling, Sun Xiang and other Guozihao players, as well as the card, El Eriksson, huerke such a world-class foreign aid. For the two consecutive season with constant brigade title, and finally ended in failure, only that the Hong Kong team also lacks the champion. With so many good cards, but have not been able to "open" and Erickson to blame. The Hong Kong Club for big signings, just want to win the Super League champions, Erickson two years has led the team to achieve this goal, the club is clearly unacceptable. In the AFC Champions League stadium, the Hong Kong Club also have their desire to dominate like lofty ideals and high aspirations, constant brigade as AFC Champions League. To be honest, the Hong Kong team for the first time in the AFC Champions League is good, even exceeded expectations. Group phase four wins ahead of qualifying, 18 final victory over the Tokyo FC in the quarter finals, they have tied the score for the first time in the AFC Champions League constant group. Only in the 14 finals, the Hong Kong team is Jeonbuk Hyundai 5-0 after explosion, questioned Erickson Paibingbuzhen and on-the-spot command by Eriksson, impression in the hearts of fans compromised. Not only is AFC Champions League, Super League Erickson also used a lineup to conquer the world, the Hong Kong team of combat fatigue caused more injuries, and do not say the glass in Ji’an, even the hole cards are injured, Erickson stubborn parties complained. In the Super League and AFC Champions League stadium, Erickson can take on the Hong Kong team further class, it is not hard to understand. Boas’s coaching resume though as Erickson brilliant, but he led the Oporto team won the UEFA Cup, and coached Chelsea (data), the Premier League giants Tottenham, has been in the Russian super coach Zenit St Petersburg won it. Next year only 40 year-old Boas is worthy of the name of the Young Marshal, he coached the Hong Kong team can at least give the team tactics to bring a breath of fresh air. Boas coached the Zenit team, Hulk is his love, now master two in overweight meet, the Hulk will kick up more handy. Hong Kong team to hire Boas, or hope相关的主题文章: