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Cavaliers Coach: not too much attention to the challenges we can brave the eastern sports Sohu –   November 3rd Beijing time, according to media reports, in an interview, Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue said that he would not go to special care Durant joined the warriors, but in his opinion, the Eastern League this season in good walker the Celtics and the challenge to the knight. This offseason, alliance many teams to adjust the lineup, the most notable is Durant choose to leave to join the thunder warrior, plus Green and Thompson curry, the existence of warriors composed of the "big four" lineup. In the eyes of many people in the industry, the warriors will be the biggest opponent of the Cavaliers defending this season. Nevertheless, the Cavaliers coach Lou did not care about. "I did not follow suit," said lu." There is no doubt that, as the defending champion, knight is obviously more concerned about their own situation. Of course, this does not mean that tyronn Lue didn’t pay any attention to other competitors, such as the Pacers and the celtics. This summer, the two teams have a greater adjustment action, the Pacers got Teague and other players, and the Celtics are introduced such as Reggie Huo Fude. "We are not going to look down on anyone," Lu admitted. "What we have to do is to play well and win." Then the Cavaliers will play against Celtic at home. In the view of tyronn Lue, Horford joined to Celtic’s strength has been greatly improved. "Every time you get an all star player, it can make you better," Lu said. "He can play number four or five. In addition to outside shooting, his rebounding ability is also very strong. He is a good passer and a team player with a defensive side. From the current point of view, the Celtics execution is very strong, like Bradley, Smart and Claude and other players are playing very hard. So when you meet such an opponent, you have to be ready to compete with the opponent for 48 minutes." (Fu Yun)相关的主题文章: