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Related to remind _ Sina Sichuan _ reminders if companies hire disabled card from pure pay the residual premium, since the alleged violations of law for a period of time, Mianyang received more than disabled people from other provinces to call, tell each other the disabled, do not need to go to work, only need to bring the disabled card signed with the company, the company for the purchase of five social insurance and one housing fund, and the monthly salary of nearly 1000 yuan. Is there really such a good thing? Yesterday, the Chengdu Daily reporter found that this may be some companies in order to avoid paying the disabled employment security fund (hereinafter referred to as the residual premium). In simple terms, according to the regulations, with a 200 employees of the enterprise as an example, if you do not recruit the employment of persons with disabilities, the enterprise takes about a year to pay 120 thousand yuan residual premium. Mianyang City Local Taxation Bureau relevant responsible person said that the tax department is levied according to the provisions of residual premium, if the enterprise recruit disabled, buy social insurance, payment of wages, let the enterprise work, the tax department. But if companies hire disabled card from pure residual premium, alleged violations of law. Mianyang Canlian remind the responsible person, the disabled friends also need to beware of this is a hoax. To provide people with disabilities and sign the contract monthly salary to buy insurance also don’t have to go to work the old Xie is a blind, two disabled. After the national day, he received a call from a Shenzhen telephone intermediary companies, the other told him, if he provides disabled card, and signed the contract, the company can introduce Beijing every month to buy him five social insurance and one housing fund, the monthly payment of 900 yuan, and do not need to go to Beijing on the old Xie class. "I only know that the disabled card holders can be free to take the bus to scenic spots, playing privileges, never know can not work but the wage per month." Xie told reporters, he once thought that this is a telephone fraud. Experience is not isolated cases of the old xie. In Mianyang, a disabled people, the old Xie learned that many disabled people have received similar calls. "I carefully ask each other, he said he is an intermediary company, and we signed the contract, according to the needs of enterprises, put us to Beijing, Shanxi, Shenzhen and other places of the company." The blind man Lee, and as long as the company signed a contract, the company will buy insurance and wages. For the wages, have their own views of Mr. Li, after the inquiry, he told each other in Beijing in 2016 the minimum wage is 1890 yuan, why only give them 900 yuan? The other said, enterprises can not send so much, "intermediary companies have to earn a part".

相关提醒_新浪四川_新浪网   相关提醒   如果企业纯粹租用残疾人证避缴残保金,则涉嫌违规违法   连续一段时间以来,绵阳多名残疾人接到来自外省的电话,对方告诉这些残疾人,不需要上班,只需带着残疾人证与公司签约,公司就为其购买五险一金,并每月发放工资近千元。   真有这样的好事吗?昨日,成都商报记者调查发现,这可能是某些公司为了避缴残疾人就业保障金(以下简称残保金)。简单来说,根据规定,以一家200名职工的企业为例,如果不招残疾人就业,企业一年大概需要缴纳12万元残保金。   绵阳市地方税务局相关负责人表示,税务部门只是按规定征收残保金,如果企业招收了残疾人,购买了社会保险,发放了工资,企业让不让残疾人上班,税务部门管不了。但如果企业纯粹租用残疾人证逃避残保金,则涉嫌违规违法。   而绵阳市残联相关负责人提醒,残疾人朋友也需要谨防这是骗局。   来电   提供残疾人证并签合同 每月领工资买保险还不用上班   老谢是一名盲人,二级残疾。国庆节后,他接到了深圳一家中介公司打来的电话,对方告诉他,只要他提供残疾人证,并签订合同,就可以介绍北京的公司每月给他买五险一金,每月按时发放900元,并且不需要老谢去北京上班。   “我只知道持残疾人证可以免费乘坐公交,到景区玩耍享优惠,还从来不知道可以不上班却每月领工资。”老谢告诉记者,他一度认为这是诈骗电话。老谢的经历并非孤例。在绵阳一个残疾人群里,老谢得知,很多残疾人都接到了类似电话。   “我仔细问了对方,他说自己是一家中介公司,和我们签订合同后,会根据企业的需要,把我们安排给北京、山西、深圳等地的公司。”盲人李先生介绍,只要和公司签约,公司就会买保险和发工资。   对于工资,李先生有自己的看法,经过查询后,他告诉对方北京2016年的最低工资标准是1890元,为何才给他们发900元?对方明确表示,企业不可能发那么多,“中介公司也要挣一部分”。相关的主题文章: