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The teacher was traced to Kuangou School: batterer student students late instant depth (manpower Zhu Shunzhong manuscript reporter Dong Zhenjie) February 27th, a video circulating on the Internet "estuary town of Hubei province middle school students playing crazy", a woman in the classroom to look like a student girl hit a dozen slap in the face, and with multiple kicked action. In this regard, Hekou town middle school relevant responsible person responded to the law late reporters, said the fight happened in the school, the batterer is a student suspended from school, not a teacher. The reporter saw the spread of the Internet "estuary town of Hubei Province female middle school teachers play angry students" post, the post of a period of 50 seconds long video display, the incident in a classroom, a woman dressed in a pale blue coat is a little girl on the face. Fan, 50 seconds continuous hit 10 to a slap in the face, accompanied by foot kick kick and pull hair action, beaten girl has not fight back, from the middle of the classroom, finally being dragged to the podium. This morning, law late (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter contacted the estuary town of Hubei province middle school, the school said a staff member on duty, the school has been informed of a video circulating on the network, after investigation, the batterer is not the school teacher. The school late (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter sent to the things that said: "the afternoon of February 27th, the town middle school students fighting video upload Sina micro-blog, Hekou District quickly set up a class, to investigate and verify the things through, and to the mouth of the river police station handling. After investigation, Hekou town middle school students fight video situation is true. Batterer is Luo, female, 15 years old, the original river town middle school eight (1) class students, in the fall of 2015 automatic leave school, this semester did not go to school. Beaten by LAN, a female, aged 14, currently studying in eight (3) class, a former classmate of grade seven in romania. After the fight was, in the afternoon of February 25, 2016, Luo heard because someone said LAN behind her bad remarks, so in the classroom after the absence of teachers in the case, LAN block in the classroom questioning beatings, and forced a student to take the video." The school staff said that at present the county propaganda department, the Education Bureau and the police have been involved in Dawu, is investigating the matter. Editor in chief: Xu Tong SN155

教师被曝狂殴学生 校方:打人者为休学学生   法晚深度即时 (稿件统筹 朱顺忠 记者 董振杰)2月27日开始,网上流传着“湖北省大悟县河口镇中学狂打学生”的一段视频,一名女子在教室内向一名学生模样的女孩连打十来个耳光,并伴有多个脚 踹动作。对此,河口镇中学相关负责人向法晚记者回应称,打架事件确实在该校发生,打人者是该校一名休学的学生,并非老师。   记者看到了网上流传的《湖北省大悟县河口镇中学女教师怒打学生》帖子,该帖子所附的一段时长50秒的视频显示,事件发生在一间教室内,一名身穿 浅蓝色外套上面的女子正在向一个矮小的女孩脸上狂扇,50秒内连续打了10来个耳光,并伴有脚踹踢打和拽头发等动作,被打女孩一直未还手,从教室中间,最 后被拽到讲台上。   今天上午,法晚(微信ID:fzwb_52165216)记者联系上了湖北省大悟县河口镇中学,该校一名值班工作人员说,校方已经获悉网络上流传的视频,经过调查,打人者并非该校老师。   校方向法晚(微信ID:fzwb_52165216)记者发来的事情说明表示:“2月27日下午,河口镇中学学生打架视频上传新浪微博后,河口 镇学区迅速成立专班,调查核实事情经过,并向河口派出所报警处理。经调查,河口镇中学学生打架视频情况属实。打人者为罗某,女,现年15岁,原河口镇中学 八(1)班学生,2015年秋季自动离校休学,本学期未上学。被打者为兰某,女,现年14岁,目前在八(3)班就读,系罗某原七年级同班同学。打架经过 是,2016年2月25日下午,罗某因听别人说兰某背后说她坏话,于是在放学后教室没有教师的情况下,将兰某拦在教室质问殴打,并强迫一名学生拍摄了该视 频。”   校方这一工作人员表示,目前大悟县委宣传部、教育局及警方均已介入,正在调查此事。 责任编辑:徐童 SN155相关的主题文章: