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Arts-and-Entertainment To make your own birth chart, draw basic outlines on a piece of paper, determine the subject’s ascendant, determine the heavenly body positions, draw the houses, then calculate the aspects. A birth chart or a natal chart, is a handy tool in astrology to help people gain some necessary info about an individual’s fate and characteristics. The chart plots the exact positions of the heavenly bodies and signs during an individual’s birth. It helps demonstrate one’s uniqueness because of that positioning. You can make your own birth chart when you follow these easy steps: Illustrate the basic outlines on paper With the use of a compass, draw 3 concentric circles on a piece of paper. You will need to make the innermost circle at least half the size of the 2 outer ones. Divide the space between the 2 outer circles into 12 equal divisions, each of which symbolizes one of the 12 zodiac signs. Give labels to each of the 12 sections using the sign’s symbol in a counterclockwise order. You can refer for the symbols online or any astrology book for guidance. Divide each section into 30 equal degrees. Determine the ascendant sign Identify the subject’s rising sign using her birth details in an ephemeris. The ephemeris is a chart of the positions of all heavenly bodies at a certain time and day. The ascendant is the sign that is on the eastern horizon exactly at the time of your birth and coordinates with the birth location of an individual. After identifying the ascendant, mark it on the chart. The ephemeris will assist you in determining the location by degrees. For example: 12 degrees Gemini, find the Gemini sign on the chart and count in the number of degrees from the sign’s beginning edge. Determine the positions of the heavenly bodies Using again the ephemeris or a computer program, find the locations within the zodiac of the moon, sun, and the planets at the exact time, date and location of the subject’s birth. After accurately determining, mark the positions in the space between the two inner circles and plot the positions using the glyphs of symbols representing each heavenly body with the location, in degrees, beside the symbols. Draw the houses the next step is to insert the ‘houses’. These are imaginary divisions which symbolize the aspects of the subject’s life. These are plotted between the 2nd and the innermost circle. You can use the equal-house method in your drawing, giving each house about 30 degrees in width. The opening edge of the first house must be located within the ascendant sign. Number each house from 1-12 in a counterclockwise direction. Calculate the aspects An aspect is defined as the angle formed by two celestial bodies with the earth being the vertex of the angle. In this step, you can imagine the chart as a clock in. If you desire, you can plot the aspects in the innermost circle. After inserting all the necessary items on your birth chart, you can now begin your interpretation. To give you assistance, you can check online astrology sites, an astrological book, or seek guidance from a professional astrologer. Make your observations on the subject’s characteristics and behavior. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: