2 million 700 thousand +70 million! Lishui five thieves stole the value of 3 million 400 thousand of 444kk.com

2 million 700 thousand +70 million! Lishui five thieves stole 3 million 400 thousand of the value of the Qingtian stone "really very grateful to the police comrades, without you, my stone stone, stone Fang Zhang could not come back so soon." September 21st morning, Lishui Qingtian County, Zhen Ya Chen Cun Zhang Qingtian County Public Security Bureau held in Liu Ji square in Qingtian to return the stolen goods meeting excitedly back a few days ago stolen more than 270 stone and stone carving value square chapter. In addition to the hometown of overseas Chinese, Qingtian also known as the "stone town" reputation. Stone carving is the characteristic culture of Qingtian. The Qingtian stone carving is famous at home and abroad. Prior to this, the theft gang also stole a stone worth 700 thousand yuan. 2 million 700 thousand stone carving stone, stone square chapter take wings to itself September 9th, Qingtian County Public Security Bureau police station received a pass pass Chen Cun Zhen Ya Zhang report, claiming a total value of more than 270 last night home stone stone stolen. Zhang, 57 years old, is an overseas Chinese in Italy, usually in foreign countries, in Yunnan do have an ore factory. August 8th, Zhang couple just returned from abroad. After returning home, Zhang contacted the students in Qingtian to do the stone carving, want to bring home a few blocks from Yunnan to bring back the Yunnan leaves to let students come and see. In September 9th 11 at noon, Zhang just go downstairs, dumbfounded – a few pieces of stone carving stone, square chapter home stolen. Zhang immediately call the police. After the alarm, the police station deputy director Ye Jianhong Yamaguchi, immediately led the Criminal Investigation Brigade police rushed to the scene investigation, found the value of. Qingtian County Public Security Bureau immediately set up a 9 – 9 task force, deployed in Qingtian County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade, police and other police cracked the rich experience to carry out detection. Thief accomplices and captured the police task force immediately to the scene to survey and visits, monitoring found in the victim’s home was damaged. This village is usually less personnel exchanges, prevention consciousness, although the village is also equipped with many cameras, but basically are bad. After several search, police in the next door to find a neighbor Zhang surveillance video. Surveillance video shows that the early hours of the morning, the victim at the entrance there is a faint flashing lights, while there are a few vague figure. Police repeated analysis of the vehicle from the vicinity of the monitoring point to find the whereabouts of the suspect vehicle found in Lishui District, Liandu. Sure enough, the police found the car in Liandu sea area. By visiting the masses around the vehicle, to understand the vehicle driver is living in the vicinity of Qingtian nationals ma. Ma Mou, more than and 30 years old this year, has a criminal record of the theft was sentenced to three times. Have a Ma this breach, the police successfully arrested were responsible for driving, the text of a (MA girlfriend), and along the side of a crime. In the text of a home, seized some stolen goods. So, the other involved in property where? Ma explained, stolen goods are sold to Qingtian Dongyuan County town of jinshan. Police immediately rushed to the home in Yemou can not see the stolen goods. Where is the stolen stone? An antique jade shop owner Chen surfaced. Indeed, in the store, the police to search some stolen goods. Unexpectedly, half a month ago, pass another value of a piece of the original stone stolen 700 thousand yuan in the case, even here. Two stone carving.相关的主题文章: