2 people 4 people drowned. The reservoir organizer was sentenced to compensate 340 thousand yuan cancam

2 people 4 people drowned. The reservoir organizer was sentenced to compensate 340 thousand yuan last year in late August 5th, two men and two women, while the night sneaked into Ningbo Cixi Shanglinhu play, the result of accidents, two unfortunate drowning girl. Later, the two relatives of the deceased due to a dispute over the right to life, to the Cixi court, requiring the peer of the two men bear the liability. Recently, the case by the Ningbo intermediate people’s Court of second instance, in which a man as an event organizer, was sentenced to two girls to compensate the families of more than 17 yuan. Hubei sister Hu and the same to Cixi for many years, Jiangxi small guy is a male and female friends. The day of the incident around 6 o’clock in the evening, Xiao Jin proposed to reservoir swimming. Is a beginner, not master the basic skills, but with little Hu Xinran agreed to love. Then, the small hujo bestie Xiao Tan, small Jin is called on a friend, a line of 4 people at 9 pm or so a small car arrived at Kam Shanglinhu reservoir on the beach. From the two air cushion bed inflated car removed ready, 4 people want to make them when canoeing. It was already dark, the water also played the wind, four people with a mattress under the water. Two girls sitting in an air cushion bed, the two guy in another air bed, so all the way along the wind, to the reservoir in the past. Can be rowed, suddenly a gust of wind blowing, 4 people have been drowning, Hu Xiao Tan and unfortunately drowned. Cixi court at the hearing that the Hu and Xiao Tan should foresee in the night – time big night, not equipped with safety equipment under the circumstances, to prohibit swimming in the deep water area of reservoir water, is likely to happen and risk of serious consequences. But because of the ignorance of their own safety duty slack and the right to life, there is a big fault in their own drowning death, should bear the main responsibility. The young Jin, as the organizers of the event, participants of personal safety should do to the security obligations; should be aware of the Shanglin lake reservoir is prohibited to swim, but still serious hidden dangers to the organization; on the air bed he had prepared did not cause enough attention, but in the absence of necessary life equipment, and water of Xiao Tan’s not necessary to understand the situation, and knowing that Hu water poor, still water, the court finds that he should bear 30% of the responsibility for the accident.相关的主题文章: