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The manufacturing industry of Guangdong province in 2016 500 released – Guangdong channel: people.com.cn original title: manufacturing industry of Guangdong Province in 2016 500 released yesterday (October 13th), "Guangdong manufacturing enterprises to the high-end intelligent green development strategy" as the theme of the 2016 Guangdong province manufacturing industry development and manufacturing industry in Guangdong province 500 strong Business Summit "held in Zhuhai. Zhong Xuanhui, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government of Guangdong Province, deputy director of the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Commerce,, deputy director of the mayor of the city of Zhuhai, vice mayor and other leaders attended the meeting. GREE Group Chairman Dong Mingzhu, President of Guangdong University of Technology Chen Xin, deputy director of the development research center of the provincial government of Li Huiwu from different angles to the manufacturing industry how to achieve innovation driven transformation and upgrading and made a wonderful speech. Before the meeting, Zhuhai municipal Party committee secretary Guo Yuanqiang met with some representatives of entrepreneurs. He hoped that the participating enterprises through this event to further strengthen exchanges with Zhuhai, enhance understanding, deepen friendship, and constantly broaden the channels of cooperation between government and enterprises, and strive to achieve win-win development of all parties. At the meeting, Guangdong province manufacturing industry association released the 2016 Guangdong top 500 enterprises in manufacturing industry research report, HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd., Zhengwei International Group Limited company continue to the manufacturing industry of Guangdong province 500 one or two Guangzhou Automobile Group Co, ranked third. The above three companies are in the 2916 world top 500 enterprises list list. On the whole, the scale of manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong is small. 2016 Guangdong manufacturing 500 companies, more than 80% of the small size of the enterprise, only the overall revenue of less than $20%, while the proportion of less than 20% of large enterprises have an overall revenue of over $80%. The report notes that in 2016 the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong mainly concentrated in the following up to 440, accounting for more than 88%, accounting for more than 5 billion. It is worth mentioning that, computers, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is still the two major industries in Guangdong manufacturing industry gathered in the top 500, a total of up to 179. (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章: