2016 International Jewelry Show will be held November 10th – 14 held in Beijing bree daniels

The 2016 international jewelry exhibition will be held November 10th – 14 held in Beijing jointly organized by the Chinese jewelry industry association and the Ministry of land and resources jewelry management center, 2016 Chinese international jewelry exhibition will be held November 10th – 14 at the Beijing International Exhibition Center held China. According to statistics, this exhibition exhibition area of 60000 square meters, nearly 3000 booths, 1167 exhibitors from Sri Lanka, Thailand, South Korea, Poland, Japan, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, India, United States, France, Russia, Greece, Lithuania, Australia, Hongkong, Taiwan and other 24 countries and regions participating. In the context of the global economic slowdown, the whole international jewelry exhibition scale are reduced accordingly. 2016 China International Jewelry show the size and number of exhibitors also have a certain degree of reduction. The exhibition is a barometer of the economy. Facing the new normal, in the jewelry exhibition can see more exhibitors to strengthen innovation in products, technology, cultural styles, design strength rising, the power of science and technology innovation in the continuous strengthening of the jewelry industry are from extensive growth, to the innovation of technology and culture change. At the same time, with the party and the state attaches great importance to the artisan spirit, this exhibition also reproduced the jewelry industry "artisan spirit" of the new achievements, at the same time, also brought together many well-known brands at home and abroad, is a stage China jewelry industry international trade exchange. First, the strong convergence of the brand struck China International Jewelry Fair is the most effective platform for jewelry companies to showcase the brand image and comprehensive strength, is the industry’s communication industry event. Caibai, Fengxiang, Yu Garden group, Chiba gold jewelry, jewelry zuanzhiyun, Jin culture, colorful Yunnan, Zhou Dasheng, Ming, Xingguangda, Hui, Saffier, Hua Chang, Li Xiang, seven first, ruanshi beads, Scarlett pearl, pearl, angel tears, Thailand, gold and silver floor, Zhao Xing Hengtai Bao Xiang, Hui Ming Jian, drilling, mammoth Hennessy, autumn jade eyebrow, yaochi set Qing, and many other brands are the elite of Muyu jewelry exhibition will be unveiled this. Two, the international trade fair exhibition platform to further increase the degree of internationalization of the exhibition, more than 423 exhibitors from around the world in more than 24 countries and regions, the number of booths up to 417. Accounted for 36% of the proportion of the exhibitors. Composed of 217 booths Pavilion of Taiwan manufacturers, will bring the best boutique jade, multicolored, precious red coral, Taiwan Blaupunkt and other gems, blinding. This year the Poland Pavilion (Hall 8) again will be unveiled at the Beijing International Jewellery Show, brought into the Chinese pure Baltic Sea amber and unique Poland style jewelry. The Thailand Pavilion (Hall 8) is the best place for you to understand, buy ruby. This can not only gains the most famous Burma ruby, and from Africa and Mozambique, Tanzania and other places for you to choose high-quality rubies. And not only in the rich world renowned Sri Lanka sapphire, the colorful, different price many gem varieties greatly enrich the consumer choice, but also highlight the personality and characteristics of consumers. This!相关的主题文章: