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2016 Red Bull smoke drift contest ended Federico chase won 2016 Red Bull drifting smoke ended sina sports 2016 Red Bull drift contest September 18th perfect ending, in the day of the chase, from Italy Red Bull driver Federico in the chase finals victory over Indonesia teenager Oman Dior won the title, China driver Liu Zhuo third. Federico "a victory over Oman Dior snatched from the jaws of death" in accordance with the order of the chase qualifying and double car chase, with the field of PK, the 11 participating drivers in accordance with the qualifying portfolio respectively into the AB grid completed two rounds of competition, chasing the track length of 260 meters and into the corner, the referee according to the drift angle during racing speed after the car and the car in front of the fit and made smoke level factors in scoring, whether when you flick the tail hit the ball’s props drift, but also an important basis for evaluation. That day, Zhuhai Guojisaichechang racket, thousands of spectators witnessed a classic showdown. Federico and Oman Dior in the audience screaming through, all the way to the finals. In the ultimate battle, Federico in the first round as the first car wonderful interpretation of the speed and passion drift, and follow Oman Dior’s classic, but due to poor fit, to 1 points behind Federico. The second round, Oman Dior made a strong smoke in the pool after the tail flick, let close to the later Federico’s view is obstructed, the tail of the car accidentally touches the wall, slow down the traffic speed. However, a "desperate" Federico show car king cool and arrogant, he controlled the car, in the smoke cleared after still followed, to finish the game. 5 to 5! In the end, Federico to 1 points ahead of the total score, thrilling win. "This is a great game for me, although the rear hit some effects of the walls, but I am very happy to win the championship. More importantly, I think the audience will remember me. I will come again next year, I will get a double!" At the end of the game, Federico still conceal his excitement. For the spring season and summer season respectively got the champion and runner up Indonesia teenager Oman Dior, won the silver medal a little regret. "The second round I made a small mistake, in turn after the acceleration, my stall card in the fifth, I would have been ready to change into sixth gear, this mistake let Federico catch up." Oman Dior says. Chinese driver, Xue double match the summer due to car tire problems could not adjust to the best state, missed the semi-finals. But another China driver Liu Zhuo deus ex, beat Japan’s day than the day before Yezhe and steeplechase champion Australian driver Jones, lost only in the semi-final showdown with Federico, won the third prize. "Today’s game is very difficult for me, Hino Tetsuya and Jones are very good drivers, and the performance of Federico is very good, he followed very tight. I think China drivers to participate in more international matches, three to five years will make people sit up and take notice." Liu Zhuo said with confidence. Driver)相关的主题文章: