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Supplements Milk Thistle Extract silymarin liver herb had been known to us for long. However there are still list of facts that we are not aware of, or facts that is known to us about the true benefits of this great supplement. Let us start with few of the benefits of this herbal product that has been produced to benefit us in multiple ways. To start with, ever since the historical usage, and in studies of animal and vitro it has come that regular usage of it protects the cells in the liver from toxin chemicals. Though human studies has not been inferred, HALT- C trial that had participation of chronic hepatitis C suffering patients, proved that users of this herbal product had reduced fatigue, anorexia and nausea along with lesser pain in joints, muscles and no or minimum liver pain. Even, compared to other sufferers who do not use this supplement, their health was comparatively better with less restlessness. Scientists have been documenting the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of Milk Thistle Extract silymarin, the active compound found in the ripe seeds of the milk thistle plant. There is an on-going debate whether it is a chelating agent or not. Some say, yes while others do not consider this as a benefit. Back in 2008, a study was conducted on this liver herb of milk thistle Milk Thistle Extract silymarin and patients having fibrosis which concluded that it helped in reducing the iron content in the body, thus proving the non-existing of the chelating agent. Heavy metals like lead and mercury which are hazardous can be converted to non-hazardous substance using chelating agents, but also leads to anaemia in most cases. Lecithin, a nutrient, which was included in the supplement used in the 2008 study, increases the activity of silymarin. To make a supplement effective, lecithin has to be introduced, without which much of them ends up staying in the blood stream unchanged. Enteric coating protects it and presence of lecithin increases its activity. Therefore in an effective supplement 100 mg per day is recommended as a safe and most effective dose. This prescribed amount will not deplete the iron content in the body, whereas an increased dosage will have the said effect and cause a drastic decrease in the iron store. The Milk Thistle Extract silymarin liver herb can also provide prevention against various types of cancer as it is one of the herbs and nutrients having anti-cancer activities. Others products may includeturmeric, green tea, resveratrol, vitamin C,vitamin D, vitamin E, grape seed, lutein, bilberry, L-carnosine and l-glutathione. Any compound that occurs naturally and has anti-oxidant activity and/ or anti-inflammatory activity generally possess anti- cancer activity too. As most heath specialists now recommend a regular diet consisting of substance rich in nutrients having these activities based compound. Omega-3 fatty acid is one of them highly recommended. Now, if you would like to intake the Milk Thistle Extract silymarin liver herb along with all the other nutrients mentioned and which is beneficial to you, you would rather have to take 70 different individual ingredients each day which may not be possible always. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: