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Travel-and-Leisure Tips to Getting Great London Hotel Deals For a smart tourist, there are a lot of ways you can take advantage of London hotel deals that will allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest. If you score a great deal on your hotel, you will be left with extra money to spend on other things, like cabs, food, entrance fees, and other fees that may .e along the way. You should keep in mind though that deals are not always about the price; it is also a good idea to check out what amenities the hotel .es with for the price they charge. .paring what hotels have to offer, what travel agents can get you, and what travel websites are offering is also a good way to .pare rates. Another way to get great rates is to book your hotel during the slow season, or book them whenever you see a good deal, even if it means you book it in advance. Remember to keep your options open and dont settle for the first offer you see. Great Reasons to Stay at the Athenaeum Hotel in London The Athenaeum Hotel in London is one of those hotels that speaks .fort and convenience all rolled into one. This hotel is one of the 5 star hotels in London that has a spa which allows users to .fortably relax and enjoy quiet moments as they pamper themselves during their stay. A salon plus a gym are also some of the amenities this hotel offers visitors who .e to stay really convenient for those who need to get their hair done for a big day. The hotels official website also offers a wealth of information especially for those who want to know about the hotel, packages and offers, and what the hotel room looks like inside. Other events such as weddings, private dinners, and even meetings can be held .fortably in this hotel as well. Great food, good wine, and other great amenities await those who stay at the Athenaeum Hotel in London. Affordable London Hotels Many travelers dream of going to London and visiting the many tourist spots that make London an easy tourist favorite. If you are in London for only a short time or you are short on funds, budget London hotels are the best hotels to book as it offers a .fortable stay without the high price tag. The Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel is one of the hotels you should consider as you can expect a convenient stay for less than $80 per night. Another budget hotel to consider is the Shakespeare Hotel as a nights stay is less than $75, and you can enjoy amenities like a convenient wake up call, a TV, and an on-call doctor. You can also spend less than $65 per night by staying in the Lords Hotel, yet another great budget hotel in London you should consider. There are plenty of other budget hotels in London that is just right for any budget conscious traveler somewhere decent to stay in without spending too much. The Best Time to Book London Hotels Since many travelers frequent London, it is but natural that there are plenty of hotels available to ac.modate tourists. It is important to know when to book London hotels so that you will be able to enjoy the best rates different hotels have to offer. Doing some research to find out the off peak months allows travelers to take advantage of the many discounts and promotions different hotels offer during this time to entice guests to stay. You can also enjoy a certain level of privacy as the hotels are less crowded during this time and it also allows you to have a wider range of room choices since there are more rooms available. London hotels which are near major tourist destinations will also be considerably easier to book since there are a fewer number of tourists doing so. If you think traveling to London during the off peak season isnt a good idea, think again! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: