55 year old teacher to teach in rural areas for the past 36 years into the deep mountains of bree daniels

The 55 year old teacher teaching in the countryside for 36 years   into the mountains "king of children" (Figure) – Yunnan channel: people.com.cn original title: 55 year old teacher teaching in the countryside 36 years into the mountains of the "king of children" (map) on the branch to accompany the students play Games in the school yard. Newspaper reporter Ren Jianghua perturbation mountain road, stretching rugged. The morning of October 11th, 10, from Fengxin County after nearly 2 hours of bumps along the way, the reporter saw a two storey building. Gate of "Bai Yang teaching" greeted the bright five-star red flag fluttering in the wind, Dou Roro hears the sound of reading. "People have two treasures, hands and brains; hands will work, the brain will think; do not use your brain, things do not work well……" When a side with a gesture presentation, while leading the children to recite. Did not see a 1936 has over 55 years of age, at this moment, she is completely immersed in interaction with children in the classroom. For 36 years, is a serious teacher is intimate friends 36 years ago, when a 19 year old graduated from Communist Labor University Yecheng, through the recruitment to the bath deep in the mountains — Fengxin County, hundreds of kilometres from the town of Jinxian County under the town of Ni Yang Cun primary school as a teacher. A 1936 ideal and passionate devotion to education to Ni Yang Cun, but simple hard, teaching facilities and living conditions, so she really silly eye: only a blackboard, desks and chairs in the classroom are put together into the…… The local sparsely populated, the children have to walk more than and 10 kilometers mountain school. Working and living conditions of the poor, to let the teachers here for a round and round. When looking at a local villagers, such a young girl, half believe and half doubt: stay? A 1936 action to allow the villagers to see her commitment to stay. She lectures hit off by the children love. The school was not completed, the window air leakage around, she bought the film and nails, nail in the window. Chalk, teaching children with textbooks, and colleagues are supported when walking shoulder hand carried to the mountain. Village parents don’t let the girl reading, her parents sent their children to school from door to door mobilization. Unconsciously, 36 years have passed. Although a 1936 from "branch girl" into "a mother", and from "a mother" into "a grandma", but she is the principal and teacher, friend and location has not changed — class teaching, class with students playing. 55 years old, went to the mountains beyond the teaching point of one school, work hard, often supported when tired and giddy. Her blood pressure is high, resulting in retinal hemorrhage and blindness in the right eye. In February 2012, when considering the branch age has been high, the body is not good, the group decided to transfer her down to the center of primary school teacher. At that moment, from Ni Yang Village in more than and 10, more remote mountain village of Baiyang village to village branch of 1936 Laobiao joint please teach. Family advised her: "you are fifty years old, do not go beyond the mountains drill!" She laughed and said: "if everyone went to the mountains, the mountains of children who will teach?" I heard a teacher came, everyone in the field study of rush about telling the news around spreading, many children turn white teaching points, students from the original 2 to the present)相关的主题文章: